Snowden Bust Erected at Ft Greene Memorial Brooklyn

The bust was covered by panicked police upon its discovery. It was covered with tarps after its daylight discovery. Passers by had these types of reactions. 

Most visitors to the park, it seems, have no problem with Snowden’s likeness watching over them as they walk their dogs.

Quote: By covering it, it attracts more attention to the issue of censorship” park-goer Justine Williams said. I thought it was a fantastic stunt and act of resistance. It so beautifully slipped into the aesthetic of the other things in the park. End Quote…

As one passerby earnestly asked:  Quote: When’s the unveiling? End Quote…

Most Links to this news are from State Run Media, thus they shed a spin born of a monied bias. There articles are unlike the reaction of the Peoples, who take some faith in the action of Edward Snowden regarding the NSA’s 4th Amendment-violating surveillance programs.

Here is the image and quote link to this story, followed by a search engine page of links:

Personally, what he did could have been done for many reasons. Many, doubtless we will never know. It has to be said that he has been a catalyst in the action of awakening people to Surveillance and its pitfalls; as well as its Unconstitutional usage at the current time. 

So, kudos to the artists and Snowden as well. Regardless his agenda, it has furthered the exposure of, and sheer depth of corruption that is rampant in todays Régime. 

otterwalks:  7th April 2015


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