Oklahoma Fracking EQ Swarms Continue -San Madrid Fault Activity Ongoing

Here are Earthquakes over 2.5 in the southwest and central US on the 5th and 6th of April 2015. The Fracking events of Oklahoma continue. They are seemingly more frequently in close quarters. Repeated events in close proximity are a shift toward tendency.

A notable 4.2 EQ occurred at a depth of 5.1km where two days earlier there was activity. Four hours later near Clinton, Missouri, The San Madrid Seismic Zone registered above the 2.5 threshold. These are images that tell their own stories. Where a blue dot is shown, below the screen shot is located the coordinates. Copy/Paste to Google Maps and images appear with dates. They tend to range over the last 3 years, sometimes further back in time.

On the 2nd April, this area near Otter Creek, about 10 miles north of Crescent, OK recorded Fracking Induced Seismic shakes.

As seen below, above the epicenter is an area of active and played well heads. This is to the left of the Route 60 sign below.

As the day continued, Perry, Oklahoma became very active. This satellite image gives an idea of the regional topography. The USGS shows four events within 4km over 15 hours.

Moving to the 6th April, First Medford, OK with many operations in this area. It is about 1200 feet to the featured image. This appears in operation with casing amassed around the site for use. As the horizontal cores can easily run over a mile, that could be the reason for the stock. Then this is an area under development. Imagery over the last years on different sites show different development and degeneration of played wells as well.

The blue is Mooreland, OK. The red dot has just registered. it is again near Medford, and registers at 4.2 on the scale. 

Backing out, and zooming in the region to the north is peppered with well heads. They exist as active, played, and covered with wind mills to hide the subterranean demolishment. Now it comes to the surface with a growing and constant presence.

This is within 1000 feet of the epicenter.

Again, revisiting the wind mills. In this event they are running in two lines to the southeast. 

Medford, Ok again, this time at 3.9… 

This is 2500 foot from the Anthony, Kansa event. Another repeat local… This looks to be an abandoned, played Fracking site.

Some of the adjacent activity; east of the above dead zone.

Just how close the two events are…

This is the 3.0 Helena, OK location with an active Fracking operation some 2000 foot from ground zero. There are other sites around this one. Activity to the upper right is still begin identified. It may be another extraction site of a different type; be it mining or other it has very large water -? -settlement systems and is close to a regional water shed. Developing… 

It is now 2 AM local the 7th April and 3 new EQ’s are listed. They are from the usual areas. The satellite imagery is of played wells near Enid the most recent to register. They are around the epicenter, ranging from 1000 foot to less than a mile distance. 

As you have seen, the Swarm continues with little slowdown and more frequent events above  4.0 on the scale. 

otterwalks: 7th April 2015


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