Lower 48 Earthquake Report 2nd April ’15

Here is the midday earthquake report for 2nd April ‘15. Aside from the ever present Fracking induced shakes in Oklahoma there has been an earthquake in Irving, Texas; again… This 2.7 EQ hit right off of route 348 the WNorthwest HWY. It’s depth is the classic 5.0km that is frequent to Fracking Operations existence, present or past. This is more or less in town. It is next to a quarry and concrete manufacturing facility.

Six and 3/4 hours earlier where Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee meet, an EQ over twice the depth hit on the San Madrid fault system. 1*

This is the Missouri 3.6 EQ, closer to Cooter than the listed Steele, Missouri. An eye should be kept on the events of The San Madrid Seismic area, hence the return to EQ’s. 

Two EQ’s within a half minute registered in Oklahoma about 10 miles north of Crescent, OK. The first one was across Otter Creek about 2500 ft from an active well and next to one that may be in disuse. The second EQ, immediately after, registered less than 1000 foot from the same imaged well head. With the high noon images there are no shadows making evaluation of the site harder. It would appear to be under construction, with raw materials and a pond site being readied. These images are listed as from late 2014. So it may well be operational now. Cannot however, be 100% sure of the onsite situation. 3.4 and 2.8 at these depths and closing on the site give pause.

Above is the east site. Its’ lined settling pond appears to be near dry. The shale play reserves may have needed to be moved west to gain access.

otterwalks:  2nd April 2015


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