Fracking Eugenics Agenda – Toxic Wasteland New Mexico

This is data from research in reverse. The images below are from New Mexico, NNE of Carlsbad. Over time, a foundation of, by and large, Fracking earthquakes in the Oklahoma region, has been presented. Most people have seen illustrations of the machinations that are the Fracking Technique. Here is one for those that need a refresher.  2*

Following it is satellite imagery from New Mexico. 1* This is a region plagued by greed and destined to be a dead zone. Doubtless in the future, as we are seeing daily in old Fracking areas, there will be earthquakes induced from this abuse. It is the Way of It. It is Eugenics convergent upon a multitiered operation.

The vertical shafts can be several miles in depth. Once the desired depth is reached the well, having been cased, in steel and or concrete, takes a near 90 degree turn and travels up to a mile or more. This horizontal region within the oil shale or tar sands, becomes the event region. Rather than suck out or release pressurized oil and gases, fluids are pumped into the well until a maximum volume is reached. This is recognized as the point where the fractured strata is saturated to the fullest. At this point changes are made in slurry content and the extraction of oil and gas begins. 

This is how Live Science tells it… 

Once the underground rock is shattered and proppants are pumped into place, trapped reservoirs of gas and oil are released and pumped back to the surface, along with millions of gallons of – flowback – liquid, according to the EPA.

The flowback liquid contains water and a number of contaminants, including radioactive material, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other toxins. This wastewater is stored on the fracking site in pits, injected into deep underground wells or disposed of off-site at a wastewater treatment facility.  

Quote: Formation water is the briny water that was in the pore spaces of the rocks. The formation water is usually very salty and can have high levels of radon, a radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the subsurface. Flowback water can be treated, but there are large volumes of it and so dealing with it is expensive, and beyond what many small-town water treatment plants can handle. End Quote: by Marcia Bjornerud… She is a structural geologist at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

1*  Having seen arial views of these operations over time it is easy to spot them. They may be played out and abandoned. At times the devoid square plots may have derricks upon them, they may be under set up operations, or in the extraction process. If there is distance between the well heads the Fracking sites will often have on site settling ponds. 

This is the report as intended to be presented. Here are three images, the first of which is about 2 x 3/4 miles, or about 1.5 square miles! This goes on and on for miles upon miles. I count at least 265 well heads in this image. There is a level below that has had its’ essence extracted and in its place now reside Toxic wastes the list of which is a guarded secret within each company, though most link to Halliburton. Lubricants, surfactants, detergents, numerous petrol chemicals, and radio active wastes now float this once stable region. 

Now, a closer look at the central settling pond systems. 

This system of ponds is about 2300 foot X 1000 foot. The colors speak volumes. 

The evidence shows that there is an issue of containment within this supposedly lined open air toxic waste site. 

This is the 3rd of this series which will backtrack to the origin of the research that lead here. This is by no way the story that began these articles. 

Here is a partial list of admitted components or researched exposed toxins.  2*

This is an image credit and data link for the 2* notation.   Link:

otterwalks:  1st April 2015

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