Aerosols Continue to Show on Satellite and Radar Feeds – Part 1

This is going to jump around and show aerosols captured on different Radar imagery systems over the last two months. These are just the ones that were sought. On any given day on various satellite and Radar feeds you will find some point, be it one frame or an ongoing loop of returns.

Below is CoD Base Format imagery out of KAMX NEXRAD, Miami, Florida on 12th February 2015. The hours and days surrounding these trails continued to register the ongoing GeoEngineering Operations. 


This is an interesting mid-Atlantic flight that was caught on many different imagery systems. Both satellite and Radar imaged the event. This is moving forward to 12th March 2015… In the GIF below a front moves NE; the Aerosol Flight, at the same elevation, moves the opposite direction…

Continuing, This is satellite IR imagery from the same event.

This is visual GOES satellite imagery. It is screen shot and put to GIF… First there are 5 loops of linear time stamps with one half hour separations in framed progression.

This small 30 frame loop will aid in visuals… Though the above was made so that you too could see more than this single tankers passage. Did you note others? They are present…

Moving forward, this is a single frame from 20th March 2015 from KAMX again. This is going to be a continued presentation. The 23rd has more interesting imagery from multiple site and systems.

This has been seen off of New England on multiple days. Local retired insiders have dubbed these – H Clouds… They should be on the new Common Core Cloud Charts that the youth is being taught. It goes unsaid that at times they go to tic-tac-toe formations, on to crisscrossed perpendicular trails: and we know what happens next. 

otterwalks:  25th March 2015      Survive-All…


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