Fracking 4.0 EQ Nolan, OK – Helena, OK Installations Amid EQ Swarm

On 21st March continued EQ Swarm activity, included a Perry, Oklahoma event. This, a 4.0 induced EQ to the southwest is approximately 2800 foot to an existing well head.  The Fracking site is shown in satellite imagery and appears active currently.

As the earthquake swarm continues to amass in number, the Helena, OK region to the northwest registers. The first image is of a site, likely out of use, less than 1000 foot, to the southwest of the epicenter. Next is a bird’s eye view in which you can see the left to right run of sites that exist north of this event. Carmen, Oklahoma is sited as this locals rural route access.

The following images begin, first, due north of this 2.9 listed event. The frames go to the right, or east, and the access roads to each site let you know which side of the road it is on, north or south. The next is large scale and quite active. The last site is on the south side of the road. The close up shows it to be extremely active as well. It is just off the frame seen above, one installation beyond those pictured, and on the south side of the roadway.

Close up of the above site.

The Oklahoma substructure having been disseminated by use of the processes involved in Fracking, continue to shake. Old regions, out of use are currently active as of the 22nd. A report on Sunday’s EQ’s will follow.

otterwalks:  22nd March 2015


About otterwalks:

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