Medford, Oklahoma Fracking Dead Zone Region Registers Earthquake Again

Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes continue to shake region. 1* For the most part this area is a played out dead zone. As you will see, there is an ongoing effort to install wind mills where once Fracking operations were located on the surface. There is a blend of satellite imagery from current to past years going back to 2012. At first the images with sites show little or no activity. As time passes, the settling ponds begin to dry up and equipment is removed. In the most recent imagery you will see the wind mills lined up along the linear track of once producing Fracking sites.

Again Medford, Oklahoma shows on the over 2.5 EQ listings. Here are some images of the area around the epicenter. Remember this is years after the explosions below were actively manifest.

One of the many inactive Dead Zones; with abandoned equipment and a receding settling pond of which less than half of the northern portion of this massive toxic waste dump is shown in this satellite image from early 2013.

The small plus sign shows the epicenter. It is surrounded by ponds and installations. The site in the lower right is then seen in a zoom in close up.

This WiFi tower has been shown in other resent articles regarding this region.

This is the Tonkawa, OK region showing a 3.2 Fracking depth EQ less than one half mile from a visible installation. There remains the evidence of past well heads and drying ponds surrounding the epicenter.

Here is another close up of an installation less than half a mile from the EQ’s center. Two shots from the road follow, giving a lands eye view of this Fracking installation; now out of service. This is from 2013 imagery.

The tanks still exist with the newly installed wind mills in the background to the north and east. 2*

Here is a close up view of one of the converted sites.

Likely, by now you have begun to note the signs of Fracking locations, both active and decommissioned. For a long time it has been evident that Fracking is undermining the stability of regions where it is in use. 3*

A Commentary that should be added at this point goes to the propaganda of wind mills. This has been raised before, yet it needs further note. Of late there has been a robust posting of China’s wind farm electrical generation. This naturally goes to the Green Movement with its’ parroted, un-researched drivel about clean energy from this and other types of technology. One must first account for the expense of the system. That covers monies; yes… It also has to go to the usage of other resources. They include, but are not limited to the following. Raw materials, largely petrol Chemical and mined are used; they destroy the environment. The manufacturing processes are by and large done in China. Has consideration been given to the cost in human life, as regards the slave factories, that these systems are produced by? Next there is the ongoing maintenance and entropic absolute of the wind mills. That does not mention the installation of the needed infrastructure. The electrical grid, lines made of metals and plastics. battery systems made with lead and acids within plastic housings. Electronic components made to conform these systems, which are in series and must be formatted for output to be kept in balance. Transistors, Capacitors, Resisters, Diodes, Transformers of numerous sizes; all of which weigh heavily upon the environment from collection of the raw materials, to their production, transportation, installation, and up keep. When added up the output of wind generation systems of this nature fail to recoup the investiture of energy output.

And My Stand is that One Life Lost is Worth More than any temporary en-vogue, fad apparatus, that appears to be of worth and clearly IS NOT! 4*

Here is a Video on this issue up on You tube… 5*

otterwalks:  20th March 2015    Survive-All…

1* Link:

2* Link:

3* Link:

4* Here are some Links to the claim that China uses its people to Death…

5* Video Link:


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