Fracking Induced 4.2 Earthquake Hits Oklahoma Again Amid EQ Swarm – Continuing

Again, the Medford, Oklahoma region has been the site of another 4.2 Fracking induced Earthquake. Again this is in the Medford, OK ex-Fracking area. The last one visited was on 12th March 2015… Links:     1*

Upon further research, locations that were once active Fracking surface well heads have been replaced with a linear run of Wind Mills. Images from several satellite dates show varying degrees of shut down, stripping of debris, dead zones, and finally the erection of wind mills. They follow the line of past now played, abandoned, installations. The first satellite image is located about one half mile north of the epicenters registration.

Below is a WiFi tower that is east of the EQ. It has been seen in prior Fracking EQ reporting before. 1*

As the 17th continued an earthquake swarm ensued in this previously active Medford, OK Fracking Zone…

This is noted as 2013 satellite imagery. It shows the EQ near Langston, OK and the dissipating settling pond, once an integral feature and functionary of Fracking Systems.

Backing out, the same location from late 2014. The right side of ballon base covers the remnants of the excavation; now likely dry… All of the Toxins dumped either evaporated or traveled underground blending with once clean ground water. It was, of course, already contaminated during past Operations.

Now to Guthrie, OK… The images below show 2015 first, and then back in time to 2013 the location of the epicenter. That image as well shows a square in the upper right. It is followed by a close up of the site at midday and it shows little if any working activity.

An old image of a pond once used… Now abandoned…

As the Swarm grows with time, another frequent area, Caldwell, Kansas, shows a 3.2 EQ at the classic 5.0km – 3.1 mile depth indicative of southwest Fracking Earthquakes. This first image is from 2015 showing a largely dead zone with the remaining liquids as the toxins disburse.

This is 2013 imagery from northwest of ground zero…

This is 2013 as well, it is along the road which is lined with installations.

Below, a site from 2013 with a derrick visible…

Next, from the same time, a Fracking Operation on the right and in the lower left corner another derrick is zoomed into in the following image.

Perry, Ok ground zero is the plus sign near the center of a dead zone with a settling pond below it at the 7 o’clock position. The after image is a zoom in on the area.

This is a zoom in on the brown spot to the left of that pond. It is clear that the derrick is non-functional, this back in 2013.

Medford, Oklahoma returns a 4.2 EQ; the Swarm grows in number… Image of location from 2013…

Dead Zone, 2013, west of above image.

2015 imagery showing balloon at ground zero and the linear series of wind mills installed on the prior Fracking sites.

This is one half mile west of the 4.2 epicenter.

Below is 2015 imagery. There is a well head with the wind mills to the north. The storage tanks are shown with a tanker truck and port-a-potties, indicating activity.

Today’s early monitoring EQ returns are still showing EQ’s from the last 24 hours. Medford, OK resides in the crux of the small blue circle and the large tan/orange one to the right. Future reports will continue as this region goes through further changes.

Think of it. We worry about Fracking Operations inducing earthquakes. This region is active years after this errant agenda has stopped… For your consideration…

otterwalks: 18th March 2015


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