Sunspot 2297 – US and Global Earthquake Overview – The Relationship of Seismicity and Solar Activity

Sunspot 2297 erupts with X 2.2 Solar Flare on March 11th. Potential Earth glancing blow predicted…

I believe you should be able to click the images and enlarge them…


Here are a couple of the various earthquake regions to see.  North Carolina, Alabama, Puerto Rico, and Columbia among the many Earthquakes now registering.

There is a link for concise data beyond this researchers newly regained computer access. 1*

For complete coverage and expert research, of events both now and past, go to this Click through Link.   

This link has further links to eastern US EQ’s below the video as you scroll down. 

It also has data on the X 2.2 Solar Flare which is directed in a near earth trajectory. This is something I have not had time to format and publish my research upon yet. You may well find issues with your devices in the near future. They may be due this event, they may be other as we who speak Truth know all too well… 

otterwalks:  14th March 2015    Survive-All…


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