Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes Register in Wind Farm Played Region

A significant 4.2 Fracking Earthquake, revised to 4.1 occurred on the 12th March ’15. This was to be followed by an EQ Swarm. Upon researching the region via various satellite imagery sites, it appears that this is a region that is played. That is to say the agenda of degradation of the geologic substructure has been done in the past and a new surface cover has been emplaced. The images below show the area, with its reminisce, of past Fracking  Operations. The scars upon the surface of  Terra Ferma are still evident amid the newly created Wind Farm. As we all know, while on the off the grid level of this Tech is of temporal use; the overall usage, from creation to necessary maintenance, cupeled with the production and components used, end with a negative output. This is due to the amount of energy needed to manufacture the systems, the installation of them, and the ongoing maintenance that they require. Wind power systems overall, with their battery systems and myriad components take more energy then they produce. They are another diversion created by TPTB to keep the masses in the fog of  the Green Movement. Again, there are some that have created wind turbines that are completely off the grid and work for individual power usage. It still takes time to recover the costs of the initial installation. 

Above is an annotated image of the southwest movement of the Swarm that continues to this time in the early hours of 14th March ’15.

This is the location of the 4.1 initial Fracking Event. It is followed by a zoom in to the region.


Here you see an abandoned Fracking site. The settling pond, evidence of the past activity in the region. 

Yet another, this one, is a nearly dry Fracking system marker; again: gone by…

This is the meta data ground view of the area as you turn, facing different directions. This first image has once again the dried up concavity of surface once used for a settling pond. I hope I do not have to argue the issues of these small, yet ubiquitous, toxic waste grounds. You no longer hear of Love Canal type issues. These are a Eugenics Agenda at work. They bleed petrol chemicals into the air and down into ground water. That, is in addition to the extracted faux energy that todays Global System is bent on usage of. 

It is a given that all of the energy that could ever be used is available within this realm if  TPTB  had an interest in true clean energy.

Hum?…, Windmills and WiFi…  Food for thought…  Radiation…

This wind farm was once a hot bed of Fracking Operations. As is the case with the ongoing move toward Tyranny, past actions have set up catalysts that are now becoming active. It is the Action equals Reaction equation. It was known that the destabilization of the geologic structure below, would in time create a failure in the stability on the surface. How could it be otherwise? If you negate the strength of the stability of a base structure, that which resides above is going to become unstable!

These views are as seen, turning around as you look at the area that surrounds you, while passing through upon this highway.

As always. for your consideration… 

Though, by now, the evidence is beyond dispute…

otterwalks:   To be continued…   14th March 2015


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