Idaho Earthquake Swarm Yellowstone Caldera Shows Activity

This was activity on the 13th. The northwest has had much activity related to volcanic forces. This ping pong swarm, back and forth, exists on the edge of the famed Yellowstone Caldera, a region know for its surface activity. As you see, the depth of this swarm is rather shallow; another indication of the continued changing geologic structure. No doubt there will soon be a link, from other researchers, with more data regarding the specifics of  the region’s events. This is an aside report which came up while working on the ongoing Oklahoma region’s Fracking EQ news.  The 3.4 was the first to be reported, with after shocks of less magnitude through the last reported at 3.1. Below is a digram showing the basic aspects of the region. Note that on the east and as in this case the west of the Rim boundary fault, crustal stretching is noted, with earthquakes above. Yellowstone will continue to change. The issue is, just when and to what degree the change will be. Many experts say that we are due for a substantial release of the building pressures. In geologic terms that does not necessarily mean within our lifetime. Though many sight the many surface changes the have been seen and recorded since they began to amass data.    

Here is another graph showing the migration of the Yellowstone Caldera over millions of years. By these charts and graphs you can see the current location of it’s center puts the Rim boundary of the western edge, where this Swarm occurred.

image source unknown origin – open source…

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otterwalks:  14th March 2015


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