Oklahoma EQ Swarm -Puerto Rico Deep EQ Swarm Near Array

The day is young and the Fracking EQ’s are active in the southwest of the US. In Puerto Rico an eleventh earthquake has just been posted… 

The first image is of the Oklahoma Fracking EQ’s…

3.5124km N of Brenas, Puerto Rico2015-03-08 05:48:07 UTC139.0 km    1*

This large fault system, which is similar to the San Andreas Fault in California, was discovered in very deep water near the Puerto Rico Trench. Much of the horizontal sliding between the North American and Caribbean plates occurs along this fault. The fault was named after Dr. Elizabeth Bunce, a marine geophysicist pioneer who investigated this challenging environment in the 1950s. It is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, at 5.2 miles depth. The fault was once thought to be as close as 55km north of the Island. It is now generally excepted at 115km north; though it has had little study over the past 25 years. Continued activity in the region will likely change that. 

Is it a coincidence that these deep shakes are occurring right near a site, listed as a US HAARP installation? How much punch do you need for tomographic penetration with 5.2 miles of  ocean water?…  Questions that are for another article.   

Above, the Arecibo Array in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico…

otterwalks:  8th March 2015

1*   11th Earthquake in deep swarm off of northeast Puerto Rico…

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