Working The Weather – NEXRAD KCXX Burlington, Vermont and the New England Operation

This has been mentioned previously and will doubtless return in a future data dump. This has been at the core of the New England Winter since the Operation began in November. There is frequent Filtering of returns as to be expected, but numerous times a day KCXX sends off RF Pulses that have a specific effect. One interesting note is that this installation which is near the Canadian border continuously bursts across it, into Canada. That reveals the complicit nature of Nation States in Weather Modification. Why else would Directed Energy be permitted to continuously course through Sovereign Territory? Canada plays a large roll in both ongoing Weather Modification Ops and as well in the Development of HAARP like installations – IRI – in refinement of Directed Energy Weapons.

Here are some KCXX Bursts for the record. This is the same event in time, recorded by different systems and their methods of imagery.

Here you see several gifs from the 28th February ’15. They show the beginnings of how the storm cell formed and then tracked, from the central US, northeast into New England.

Will return to as much news on this front as time allows. There are several other stories that need be formatted and put to press in the interim. Those and more on the KCXX Operation as it continues. Things are moving so fast that it becomes ever more important for me to dive into the system. This economic implosion by design is preventing the needed growth in equipment and access to deeper data systems that must be paid for. In the future, hopefully there will be a link to live weather feeds. First this WP site needs to be upgraded and that is another expense. It will also bring in more ads and with them more issues to deal with. The censorship is already almost to the point where a sane person would discontinue these efforts to edify. 

Apologies, do not mean to whine. My excuse: family health issue draining efforts…

otterwalks:  2nd March 2015


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