Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Provides First 3-D Images of Underside of Antarctic Sea Ice

With the NSF 2015 budget of 7.3 BILLION Dollars of fiat US tax monies, this needs exposure. As with all of the Operations and expenditures that are linked to McMurdo Station Antarctica. This gets very little media fare as it is overseen by the NSF, partnered with Raytheon. As you will see, subsidiaries from NOAA to NASA, The US Navy, Air Force, and DARPA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to other – GREEN – money scams and laundering fronts are precipitants. Here is a piece of the news regarding this cash flow funneling to the UK… o…


November 24, 2014

Successful test of SeaBed give scientists a powerful tool to study the changes occurring in sea-ice extent.

A National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded research team has successfully tested an autonomous underwater vehicle, AUV, that can produce high-resolution, three-dimensional maps of Antarctic sea ice. SeaBED, as the vehicle is known, measured and mapped the underside of sea-ice floes in three areas off the Antarctic Peninsula that were previously inaccessible.

The results of the research were published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience. Scientists at the Institute of Antarctic and Marine Science (Australia), Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre (Australia), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) and British Antarctic Survey (U.K.) jointly carried out the project.

Ted Maksym, an NSF-funded researcher at Woods Hole and co-author of the Nature paper, said the successful SeaBED deployment is an important first step toward making the kinds of routine underwater measurements needed to help monitor and understand large-scale changes in sea ice.

“What this effort does is show that observations from AUVs under the ice are possible and there is a very rich data set that you can get from them,” he said. “This work is an important step toward making the kinds of routine measurements we need in order to really monitor and understand what’s happening with the ice and the large scale changes that are occurring.”

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This is interesting in that the NSF Budget for 2015 is 7.3 BILLION Dollars !…

With those funds, the NSF supports many Operations. Some are fronts for Covert Operations. Others are alleged US studies; their true intent remains in question. Research and observation have revealed much that remains in the domain of the Corporate Military Complex. We should question why it is that this budget as well as past funds have gone to fund The British Antarctic Survey ?… Todays Fiat, Q.E.Economic forays bring much into question. Why is this alleged tax payer money being siphoned by another sovereign nation? As ever, one must ask; Was I included in this decision? It is clear that in the end this is no more than another attempt to establish science for the purpose of propaganda in the fight for Carbon Taxation. In the interim, the many crimes of McMurdo Station need be exposed!

otterwalks:   23rd February 2015


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