Colorado Earthquake Swarm In Fracking Region

The satellite imagery, coupled with the seismic data, tells the story that has been repeated again and again. Around the sedimentary regions, that were once Jurassic and Cretaceous inland seas, the plunder of the sedimentary foundational deposits of shale and tar sands runs rampant.

Below, is todays events as of this time. This is ever more frequent an event.


Most all of the white dotting belongs to Fracking Operations. As the images zoom in the access roads and sites become more evident. The red circle shows the location of the swarm.

This is what you see when you zoom into each of these locations. Different systems along with settling ponds. These naturally leach into underground water, travel downstream in surface rivulets, and solvents evaporate into the ever more contaminated atmosphere. 

This is an artist rendering of the inland sea around the time of the well known mass extinction event know as the K/T event.

image credit open source:

Below the green shading denotes Cretaceous deposits or shale plays.

image credit University Nebraska Shale Map:

This has been an ongoing reporting and doubtless will continue. This is not an effort that is good for man or beast. 

otterwalks:   22nd February 2015


About otterwalks:

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