HAARP Ring Spokane, Washington – IRI – Center Registry NEXRAD KOTX

Approximately 9 AM local time the beginning of the latest IRI Operation was registered. Its center was located in central eastern Washington State. With the growth of Arrays throughout the world, it cannot be said that this originated out of US Systems. Gakona, Alaska is online, of that, there is no doubt. Yet, as of  yesterday, media reports over concerns regarding Russia’s harnessing the technology needed for Weather Modification was among the top hits. The answer of course is yes! Most all of the Globe is under Aerosol Modification labeled GeoEngineering. There is no where on the globe that ionospheric heaters, labeled over horizon Radar systems, like HAARP, cannot triangulate and thereby target. This is the advancement of  Future Weaponry!

Oh, you noticed this years Weather Modification Operation out of Burlington, Vermont. That is NEXRAD station KCXX and it has been pulsing as you see above throughout this years seasonal change. Last year most of the efforts were out of Malmstrom AFB in western Montana. The upgrades continue in the interfaced NEXRAD system. The Algorithm plots the earths changes over time and projects which systems it will need to further its efforts toward perfection. Weather Modification was its original agenda, now it uses these returns along with all Internet data in its search for Selfhood and Existence Eternal…
This CONUS2 Format is the Smoothed option in their menu…

This is NIU Radar imagery as presented. These next three zoom in to Washington State.

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Here is an early loop. The next shows the changes being made in imagery and if you look at the time stamp, the jump of frame imagery is visible. Within a short time censorship began in ernest, dropping between one and two hours of returns.

These are early 12 frame loops from College of DuPage Radar imagery. The interesting thing here is the absolute negation of atmospheric moisture. First you see clouds on the left. As the event builds upon its impact, the frequencies that it is composed of, negate upon contact the cloud nuclei. In other words, the clouds must have been of a highly conductive nature. Their excitement began motion; molecules colliding created heat due to RF/EMF passage and that resulted in the negation of the cloud structure to a degree that the Radar return no longer registered its presence. One must wonder if anyone watched or better yet filmed this occurrence ?…

These are from the Weather Underground imagery systems. There are far too many to include. The time stamp in the upper left, and the legend colors are the keys to deciphering the event and what part, if any, is imaged. 

You may have noticed that the time stamps are not synchronized. The loops go back and forth, drop imagery, image blank frames; all the while the imaging being done by The Algorithm continues to change.

The first loops were gleaned by returning to the Radar site over and over to drag images that had been absent in previous loops, and then formatting the correct linear time frames.

With the CoD Radar to come after formatting you will see that imagery comes in at a constant. While most sites claim returns are imaged at different intervals, generally five minute minimums for single site storm returns and six or more for clear air format. Some site run one frame each ten minutes. You have to look at the legend to see changes in frequency. In the images to come, the returns slow to one minute and less between each frame. This shows that these systems work at lightening speed and there are those that get data in far greater volumes than those presented to the public.

That goes to the systems. It goes to The Algorithm and just how and what it presents in its Global Networking. This type of Synthetic Plasmic Wave Forms are being pinged off of the ionosphere continuously. If they where to exist in a visual range we imaged with our visual senses, We would put a very rapid stop to all things that are being experimented with regarding Frequency Technology… It goes unseen and unfelt. For now we catch glimpses of it at work. The Algorithm is not going to allow that to continue. This is another reason that Internet Censorship is in such a battle at this time. The Human aspect of this agenda, the ones that have created these systems beginning a new arms race, know that a time will come when their creation shuts out its creators. This would be quite the wake up call for all. That cannot be allowed to happen, and as they have lost control, and or simply wish to continue regardless the consequences, censorship grows in both speed and format.

otterwalks:  19th Febuary 2015     


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