Using The Square Kilometre Array To Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

This was originally published by Tech…org. Their logo is seen below. This is worth the research time. The operations that have been created and or in the R and D phase are eye opening. Here is the Home page Link:

Posted on December 17, 2014

The planned Square Kilometer Array will be the world’s largest radio telescope when it begins operations in 2018 Swinburne Astronomy Productions for SKA Project Development Office.

The continuous operational frequency of the telescope should cover a range from 50 MHz to 14 GHz, with up to 30 GHz after the third construction phase is completed. According to the current calculations, its sensitivity should exceed any other radio instrument available by approximately 50 times.

We envision an observing system in which multiple phased array beams can be independently steered within the primary field-of-view and fed to dedicated signal processing hardware – …


Tailored for The Algorithm…

When you add up the data, you come to see that theses are an expansion of ongoing RF/EMF Arrays. They may look different, but so do the Radomes that house the new ionospheric Heaters. They are dome covers for this type of unit.

HAARP is now labeled IRI. This is to confuse the public and allow lies of omission to flourish regarding the operation of HAARP as labeled in the western lexicon.

Bottom line this is future weaponry by another name…

otterwalks:  17th February 2015

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