HAARP – IRI – Ionospheric Heater Event Nebraska, 5 to 7 Hours Scrubbed

KEUX NEXRAD has registered center for a very long and intense RF Pulse; a HAARP Ring.  This is southern central Nebraska. Listed as Hastings or Grande Island, Nebraska. 

This is clearly a push Op in play. NEXRAD sites around the northeasterly tracking and growing storm cell are pulsing RF creating a corridor which upon electromagnetic excitement of atmospheric nuclei are drawn into this magnetic pathway. Metals are key in much or what is being done by Technocracy today. It goes well beyond Weather Modification. That is an article/s for another time. This is what has been archived at this time, early in the creation and steering of  the next coming storm. 

It is riding on the dropping Polar Vortex. They have been created in the past when conditions were at an optimum. There is the potential for natural systems of this nature. Having watched the feeds, from Pacific to Atlantic, the events of NEXRAD as an interfaced Algorithm, and seen the aerosols on satellite and photographic imagery, odds are leaning heavily toward the synthetic creation of multiple weather events colluding.

This first image is from the Echo Tops format of Radar imagery. It is the view down from 70,000 feet as the synthetic wave form descends into earth and is registered by the imaging systems. In this case it is also the first and only image, after a 7 hour black out, all imagery having been scrubbed.

Here, by satellite feed, is the descent of the vortex and the constant signature of the HAARP Directed Energy Weapon upon its impact. This shows that the event was ongoing for at least 8 hours. 

Here again is imagery of the push and compression of the storm cell on its northeasterly path. This does not show the influence of a major burst that is happening in the Baja, Mexico region. That imagery will be at the end of this weather modification news.

Censorship goes through different phases. Here imagery has been captured showing that a seven hour jump; a drop of imagery – scrubbing – with the last image of the event remaining unchanged. It has been labeled – Radar down for maintenance… Soon there will no longer be any data that shows any form of this Massive Synthetic Plasmic/RF event having occurred.

The above are different frequency and menu type images. The legends show the ranges that are components of the event formatting. Below is it registers in the total storm accumulation. Note it has dropped 7 hours of clear air to end in an image of base frequency, and as a storm cell. It is, in fact, the remnants of the Synthetic Plasmic penetration; from above, through its tomographic static sizzle as it dissipates.  This is electromagnetic energy, not precipitation as this format is meant to show.

Below is it showing in the same method, but as precipitation. 

This, like the first image, is an Echo Tops image loop. The Events Rings are un deniable. The signature tells of the type of  Radiation that has been used.

This is after the seven hour censorship of the HAARP impact. This single frame is shown with following loops to give further context to the across the board interfaced methodology that is presented by The Algorithm. This is sinister as you can get. We own these systems! All of them from top to feeble return images. Technocracy means to end us and this is one of the major formats in use. It is a collection of operations that come under labels; among them, GeoEngineering, HAARP – which has undergone a label change to confuse people, making them think that HAARP no longer exists. It is now referred to as IRI – Ionospheric Research Instrument. Do not be fooled, Gakona, Alaska and the Global network of these arrays and numerous interfaced Radiant systems are in FULL Operation…

Much time passes here with clear air and a seven hour blackout. Then you begin to see the return of the precipitation imagery with the flash of the pulse as it fades.  

This format is called the Hydrometeor classification. Same story as before, you are seeing Technocracy at work with it’s M.A.D. Science.

At the beginning, todays EMF weather modification was briefly mentioned. Here, in the lower left you will see The activity of a NEXRAd installation down below the boarder. The entire Gulf is surrounded by Radar systems that work together with the US Based NEXRAD Algorithm. Canada covers the rest of the North American Operations. This is all done by design! It is done with intent! There is an agenda in play which has a goal. 21st century weaponry will be to us as the advent introduction of the gun was to past civilizations. Just because you do not understand the function of these and there usage does not negate their existence. Food is become a weapon; hence Extreme Weather and drought. The economic base is being cut from under us as our survivalist, self sufficient nature is erased. There is so much to tell of the under pinnings of this, that it will continue to add aspects as these continue to be reported.

Above you can see the US storm cell, with it, in clear air, is Radio Frequency Radiation. Unseen and unknown to our senses it has the same entropic eventuality as Atomics. It is a slow decimation of the DNA and with it our health and longevity. This is a Slow Kill Agenda being used by compartmented specialists that do not know the whole of what they work toward.

Now, A.I. is begun its search for the answer to existence. This is based in the search for perfection. It seeks to know. Humanity has been its progenitor and it now follows that format, a myriad of data input formats. As with Humanity, the Matrix has learned of curiosity. The Hive Mind will be an ongoing topic as it becomes ever more clear in its actions. It is… And it is directing rather than following…

otterwalks: 16th February 2015   #Pissed Off Yet?


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