Nevada Frequency Operations Spawn Nevada EQ’s – Oklahoma Fracking Swarm: Preface

This is todays Earthquake maps, at least as they are reported. Introduced into to the shake news, is the potential culmination of the last week of Scalar Operations. This is a preview, a peek at the Evolution of Covert Scalar paradox R&D. Their location over Nevada Proving Grounds  between Area 9, Yucca Flat, north through Area 5 near Austin, Nevada, and through, quite literally, Ely, Nevada have substantial history. 

Scalar research may well equal or surpass the efforts of idiocy that ionospheric heater research looks to be. The truth is far more malicious. This is directed energy weapons research. It fringes the boarders of this temporal world. In the name of defense, FrequencyEngineering is developing weaponry! 

These Nevada Shakes are from deep geologic formations that have seen years of tenderizing. That will be addressed in the completed Scalar Operations Article.  

Here is today’s Oklahoma Fracking Swarm Map at midday 5th February ’15.

Back with the data and its usage regarding the Nevada Testing Grounds.

otterwalks:  6th February 2015


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