Odessa HAARP Operation Continues Its Attack on Texas

This is a small piece of what was at least a 5 hour HAARP Ring Event out of Midland/Odessa, Texas. This, if you have been following, is an ongoing High Frequency Synthetic Plasmic Attack; Radiation. It has largely presented in frequencies that are used in mind control. Todays event, along with other NEXRAD Operations are clearly in use, as well, in Weather Modification. 

This is only a small part of the massive data archive from numerous Radar sites.

Here is another sites’ registry of this HAARP Ring Event. As with most sites, you will note the time stamp changing with censored frames. In this case they are blank with the first image being the fade out of the Radiant Burst. That is Radiation! White as you can see is off the chart! It is not on the Legend on the right…


This Event was so powerful that it imaged in the Hydrometeor, the Precipitation. and across the board on Radar sites with their different types of image formats. 

Someone is highly agitated with Texas! As time passes there will doubtless be an uptake in different physical and mental illness. It will be far enough into the future that there will be Plausible Deniability. 

Therefore, many copies of this and like events have been made and distributed for future usage in the evidentiary hearings. 

There is a possibility that these have not originated from US arrays. Almost all Nation States have the capability to rebound these 3.1 plus Giga Hertz – 3.1 million watts plus – at this time. It is however, the peak time for Antarctic operations and who knows what and when the satellite platforms, or Mobile SBX and XBX systems, are in use or from where, around the globe?  There are also mobile ground arrays that could be used at any time. This is the roll out of Directed Energy Weapons. You may not comprehend it at this time. History tells us that whenever a new weapon was used against people that were behind in their technology, they lost due to disbelief. That, and outright genocide, which is what Eugenics is about. The Shadow Government aims to exterminate 90% or more of us!

                         Single frame Specific Differential.

Single frame Echo Tops.

Single frame hydrometeor classification.

Single frame out of one hour Precipitation.

Here are loops to put the prior images into their loop perspectives.

otterwalks: 1st February 2015


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