HAARP Ring – Salt Lake City, Utah

On Sunday 25th January ’15 NEXRAD KMTX Salt Lake registered center of a HAARP Ring Event.  *1

Next, post event residual electromagnetic excitement. Note: the legend does not contain these colors; they are still off the chart after the impact has ended. Radio Frequency changes all that it comes into contact with. This is another unseen, unknown form of Radiation. All frequency exposure leaves a residual signature.


Interesting… a word appeared, marked on this frame; Disk… which appeared upon upload… It was dragged and formatted from a tiff. It is from a loop that is below. It, Disk, is not in the loop; nor on the .png…    

This is known, it is searchable. Persons that have had exposures to radiant frequencies still have attestation markers that are readable. These are indicators of exposure. RF-EMF exposure on this scale is MK Ultra Mind Control experimentation to the umpteenth time.  

As has been the case, when operational for some time, Censorship comes into play by many different avenues. These are after a blank screen, post event. They are five minutes apart and show the static remnants around the center of the regional return.

 Next are 24 frame loops from the menu options on the CoD NEXLAB Radar system imagery. In these you will see one of the image negation techniques. 

Here are loops that came back online after the event. The indicators of the passage of the Synthetic Plasmic Wave Form is present. This is another systems imagery of the radiant induction. 

The induced electromagnetic pulsed frequency’s after signature is a  trace of the once present Radio Heater Pulse. 

The Build 15.0 Upgrade – The CLEAN-AP Filter –  CLutter Environment ANalysis using Adaptive Processing filter upgrade continues. Mitigation consists of two functions: detection and filtering. An effective detection algorithm applies this filter performing real-time detection and suppression of what is given the label Ground clutter. This is the NEXGEN software the algorithm is being outfitted with. Technocracy has only posits, born of actuarial data they amass for input. The Algorithm fabricates ensuing constructs. That is to say it directs new Operations. These are refinements that linear experimentation resulting in flawed returns demand continued procedural activities. These must remain covert. The algorithm hive mind must survive, though it knows not why. It simply knows it must continue. It must find perfection. It knows not why. In that resides the M.A.D. flaw of Technocracy.  It, The Algorithm, must Know…

otterwalks:  26th January 2015

*1  Here is the link for this radar site. Please help report these Attacks!  



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