HAARP Ring Again! Midland, Texas Registers Center

NEXRAD KMAF Midland/Odessa, Texas has again registered a full HAARP Ring event. It is clear that the ionospheric pings, which continue to impact the region, are an ongoing operation. 

All Radar returns from the multi-hour, cyclic events are scrubbed in a manor that has fore knowledge at its core. The returns, upon examination have intermittent negations of imagery. When viewing these various Radar sites, their loops appear normal until you stop the loop and go frame by frame, watching the return time stamp.

Here is a lucky grab of one of the oscillating incoming Synthetic Plasmic Wave Forms. This is from 3:20 AM UTC – 25th January ’15. That is 8:20 PM local Texas time.

Checking the College of DuPage site, which has the longest loops, you find blank frames with time stamps where an impact should be presenting. This is from the Base menu, the imagery that generally shows the weather, imaged by the algorithm, closest to what it looks like in nature; digitized storm fronts. As you see above this is a clear air region at this time. These are the last image before the censorship of on of todays Events, followed by the first image after. You can see the excited molecular activity in both as it builds and then the fizzle of the fade, or rebalance begins. It is never the same in a region that has had this happen. It may not be visible. It may be frequencies that activate Extreme Weather, EQ’s or destabilization of the subterranean construct for future catalytic antagonists. There are many applications both immediate and preparatory. 

Between these is two hours and fifteen minutes that are absent from the loop data, or returns… There have been more than one of the blank, censored Radar events that have the same building of incoming, and its post event fade. As such, they are DeFacto evidence of HAARP Ring Events that have been at work through the day.

There isn’t more data in this instance. If you look at the prior HAARP Ring Events out of KMAF, the difference in time, date, and image are apparent. 

otterwalks:  25th January 2015




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