HAARP Ring Registers Center Midland _Odessa, Texas -Earthquakes Ensue_Latest: Binghamton, NY HAARP Event in Progress

This is a new event out of Texas. Today is the 20th January ’15 and this is the beginning of the imagery that is being formatted. This HAARP Ring follows a NEXRAD RF event yesterday the 19th out of Melbourne, Florida. More on that event to come. Activity could, at any moment, commence with further HAARP Ring imagery out of Midland, Texas.

At this time there is a Radar Divisor Function Operation in play out of KEWX – San Antonio, Texas. More on that later, as it continues at this time. The short description of this Op is that a Spoked Wheel of lasers begins its programed 360 degree radiant from the NEXRAD installation.

As the Mystic Tesla envisioned and then patented, two beacons of electromagnetic energy which originate from different locations, when intersecting each other would create what he named a Scalar Bottle. This is an area in space where the excitement of impacted energy in linear motion was a catalyst; the inertia of the flowing ions, as energy is given to do, takes anew pathway. The converging point in space is said to be absent of all forms of matter. Thus, a paradox becomes a logical necessity in any attempt to communicate a base tenant regarding action and reaction. The paradox lies in a state where there is nothing in existence in a 3d space. In duality, the absence of everything begets something. In shorthand, nothing IS Something.

Now, when applied to this type of Directed Energy Weaponry, operating as described previously, the change in linear flow of even one of the laser beacons, arcs to what is imaged as 51.51 degrees; a Pi radiant. If one bisection occurs, the bending force elbows the next adjacent spoke which in turn begins to arc; a change from its path of origin, essentially a straight line. In its entirety, the wheel of spokes begins to image in returns looking like a sunflower, or any of the many such examples in nature where the path of ease is seen to present in geometric exponential pattern. This R&D definitively goes to exploration of unknowns in the search for a perfected system of weaponry. We have seen, and continue to see, the resultant Extreme Weather Events after two, three, or more single 175,000 watt beacons intersect. In this case, imagine multiple strings of unleashed power that continue to ping off each other after the initial contact. Inertial motion changes, upon changes, upon changes. All of this activity potentially related to Scalar response to the developing situation.

Here are CONUS2 imagery of the HAARP Ring that was imaged earlier today.  

The imagery shows a core spot. This has been presented in the past, absent, in this case, the thin ring in the first image and the full HAARP Ring in the following image in the running six minute loop.

This will be expanded as the data is collected and formatted for presentation. It was more important to get the ongoing event out for those that may wish to research or report secondary issues that have come of this experimentation upon the populous.

At this time it is being reported that several Fracking related earthquakes have spawned in Irving, Texas. So far they are registering at the 5.0km depth which is the classic 3.1 mile depth that we have been seeing in this and other perimeter regions of the North American Craton. 

otterwalks: 20th January 2015 



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