HAARP Ring Registers Center KMAF Midland, Texas – Earthquakes Begin The Day

HAARP Ring Registers center Midland – Odessa, Texas!

This may not have originated at the location that most think of when HAARP is spoken of; that being HAARP Gakona, Alaska. This time of year enables the covert Ozone Negation Operations in the southern hemisphere. The Antarctic, Tasmania, Australia, and mobile systems are at work at this peak seasonal time. There are some Links at the bottom that will give more data on these activities. The Program interfaces GeoEngineering Aerosols at stratospheric levels, passes synthetic plasmic energy through conductive fields, and sparks the chemical reactions we are recording when viewing Nacreous Clouds. They are also know as Polar Stratospheric Clouds or PSC, and have lately been softened with the label Mother of Pearl Clouds. All this, to divert examination of a long term agenda, thinning the earths protective shield of reflective ozone. This then allows UV radiation to pass and we have numerous stations that are collecting data that is far higher in intensity than is reported in data from the propaganda networks. The NASA and NWS statements are cooked. UV A, B, and deadly C, are massively higher than natural levels where before records began to be reported. the issue with the reports is the volume of truth they contain. Well meaning articles site imagery put out by the very creators of the issue. Can those images be correct? Is it in the interest of those that carry out this agenda to expose itself? *1

All sites have censored data upon return. These are images by and large the aftermath. The event registered at 4:42 UTC or around 10:45 PM local time in Texas. This is the next image after from this site. The sizzle is still in the region; this is for the most part what you will see in the following frames. They continue to display the residual synthetic plasma wave forms exciting of particulates in the central region. This is the next frame presented on the Radar feed, the loop is generally 5 or 6 minutes between frames. It varies with issues that are not of concern at this point. The next frame is from 5:12 UTC, so 30 minutes have been negated. As well the HAARP event itself has been filtered and the image below gives the region that is being radiated, by use of annotation, and the speckled zone in the center is the ghost that has not been scrubbed.

This is NIU Radar with the same type of imagery post ring event.

The College of DuPage gives this imagery at 4:40 UTC. By De Facto logic the event started prior to the 4:42 imagery in the first image.

Here is an Intellicast loop that passes the event time frame. As all of the systems are interfaced ,and the censorship has continued to be refined, this is the basic loop that is given through our public access system. Remember,the reality is that We own these systems; at least we are supposed to. The National Weather Service, – NWS -, NOAA, NASA, the US Navy, Air Force, and the machinations of DARPA et al. have taken control of what is fed to the masses.

The system of Meteorologists are complicit. They are minions of disinformation within the Corporate Media Complex! At the VERY LEAST THEY ARE GUILTY OF LYING BY OMISSION. Here is a single frame from that loop. It is time stamped 4:58Z – Zulu, one and the same as UTC. It is 10:50 PM local 12th January 2015. The RF is clearly visible in white which is most often, if noted at all, as UNKNOWN…

These are residual rings surrounding the central imaging NEXRAD Installation KMAF. Note the time is an hour past the initial registry.

These are again just after showing the same type of vibratory static remnants.

This is the Echo Tops view from 70,000 foot. It is past what has appeared to be the peak impact time, but shows outer perimeter elevations return at up to 50,000′. There will be another Site’s Echo Tops, in loop format, adding to the visual data.

Breaking: This after the ground penetration by HAARP’s 3.1 plus Giga Hz Pulse. That is 3.1 Billion watts of RF or electromagnetic energy passing through various geologic strata.

Irving Texas has had an earthquake within the HAARP Rings penetration zone. Tomographic excitement has stirred a Fracking site at what appears to be an upper 3 to 4 plus Richter Scale Earthquake. Developing, data is raw…

Here are two loops from NEXLAB’s image system. The first is showing clear air, blank frames and the aftermath of the event.

This is an Echo Tops loop from the same site with similar formatting by the system with its filters and censorship methods. This is very specific single site return data registration. The HAARP Pulse registers on the NEXRAD system on the inbound or return data collection formats. Albeit Radar is made to send out signals, various frequencies, and upon their impacting atmospheric objects return to the point of origin. Then imagery is generated. In the case of HAARP, it is only the system capturing an inbound event. A Mosaic comprised of surrounding installations pieces of the events data are compiled and the Event is imaged in full.

*1 Archived data and information to research and evaluate for yourself here: http://www.theozonehole.com/

*2 See PSC here: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/mcmurdo-station-haarp-ring-registers-on-radar-off-antarctica/

*3 See the Northern Hemisphere Ozone Negation here: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/polar-stratospheric-clouds-ozone-depletion-the-technocratic-agenda-viewed/

*4 And Here: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/antarctic-ozone-depletion-agenda-_geoengineering-and-electromagnetics_the-evidence_a-beginning/

*5 See Mobile SBX and XBX -X Band Radome systems here: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/haarp-_an-overview-of-regional-climate-events-natural-cloud-bows/

otterwalks: 12th January 2015

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