Should Humans Become Super-intelligent Machines?

Following is a quote from University of Wisconsin’s Bill Hibbard speaking to trans-humanism. *1  Though he does not mention it, this is a white paper which links famed Trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil with a number of the agendas propaganda front persons. Among them, Darwin, Isaac Asimov,  and naturally the immensely over sold Poster Boy of the Eugenics, New World Order Agenda, Useful Idiot; Einstein. I hide no dislike for the part he played in moving the earth toward its end! Einstein worship quite literally sickens me. Here are some few paragraphs which link Aerosol usage, Nano Tech experimentation upon the public using nano-bot carbon graphene as a base component, and the leap to trans-human mergence.

Quote:   One of the most fascinating things about Ray Kurzweil’s Siggraph Keynote was his vision for intimate connections between human brains and intelligent machines, via swarms of nano-bots flowing through blood capillaries to every one of the 100 billion neurons in the human brain. The idea is that the nano-bots will couple to individual neurons and communicate with each other and external machinery electromagnetically. Such connections will be used to create the ultimate virtual reality. 

Nano-bot connections will also enable human minds to expand or migrate into machine brains. That is, via nano-bot connections a super-intelligent machine will learn all the details of how a human brain works, and be able to offer it new, possibly simulated neurons to grow into (human brains can adapt their functions to new areas of neurons after injuries, so they should be able to adapt to increased space). Nano-bot connections will also be used to copy human minds into new artificial brains. This raises serious moral questions, but is something people will want to do because it can offer indefinite life span and greatly increased intelligence. 


image Nano-bot via electron microscope 

image credit Nature Communications  *2

As artificial molecular signaling by CNT–liposome nano-trains; the absorbed masses of these programmed constructs, nano-bots begins to parasitically feed and follow their specific programing. They are found attached to blood cells taking iron as fuel and leaving the body edging toward oxygen depravation. This begins the onset of downgraded immunological functions. The circulatory system is the pathway that circulates differentiated programed bots. Carrying systems that absorb, collect, and dispense energy which is present in living organisms. In the final equation they go to where they are attracted. The central nervous system and brain are basic targets. Some go to locales that house other vast energy resources. The gut where 3/4 of the immune system resides and nutrients are absorbed by life forms. This construct is far too vast to bookend in this introductory article. It will continue to evolve as the data becomes available.

Here is a quote from Nature Communications:     We successfully developed a novel supramolecular nan nano-train sed on CNTs and liposome using the self-assembly technique. The nano-train enables both directional migration and the solving of mazes in an electric field. In addition, the controlled release of substrates and a triggered enzymatic reaction were successfully achieved at a targeted position using laser irradiation. This study represents an important advance in the creation of programmable and adaptable nano-biosystems. The application of micro-nano-bots in micro-nano-fabricated environments is an exciting development. End Quote. That irradiation would also include the Global arrays that emit RF-EMF Wave Forms that were not here 100 years prior i.e. Radar, Micro-waves, lasers, Synthetic plasmic fields, Artificial radiants that mimic solar radiation within our biosphere. All are potential fodder for activation and functional conjoining of individual nano-bots.


However, humans are selfish and do not unconditionally love all humans, so giving them the power of super-intelligence would be dangerous. Consider that most humans have roughly the same amount of brainpower. The highest IQ in history is about 200, only twice the average. But the current largest computer may have 10,000 or 100,000 times the power of the average computer. Human minds migrating into machine brains will result in a much wider range of human intelligence, reversing the long-term trend toward human social equality. Those humans who choose to stay in their human brains and bodies will be totally at the mercy of human minds in super-intelligent machines. In Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind, Hans Moravec paints a vivid picture of a society of human minds migrated into machines, and who have been banned from earth to compete vigorously in space. He calls them “Exes” for ex-humans. But this vision depends on the ability to enforce the ban of Exes on Earth, which will ultimately be impossible.


Above recent advances in robotic appearance from Japan. Youtube Video:  *3

With that, I will say, that given the most stringent I.Q. tests with time limitations, only questions lacking pattern sequences, that demand answers by extrapolation alone, form that test type. When the pineal is functioning and has not begun to crystalize, through age, free radical absorption and or attack, prescience flourishes. When functional, secretions activate visual acuity at levels that lie dormant and inactive for most. There have been many that these formatted tests return in ranges above 225. These are results which are tendered beyond the parameters of the test framework. Negating specific specialities or linear formats in full spectral, broad ranging tests, across school parameters is the true test. A single venue test would narrow focus, shaving the full volume wisdom needed to visualize any, and all posits and theorems. This is a thread that runs far from the generic core of this presentation. Technocracy is gaining comprehension of the physiological workings of the brain at an exponential rate. That does not incorporate massive amounts of accessible regions, essentially there, but their content and link mechanisms remain unrecognized. For purposes of this type of communication, this would be headed far from point. 

I would say that Kerzweil is another puppet propagandist that is fomenting nothing but disinformation regarding mechanical life extension, and this pie in the sky goal/dream mind control agenda will never work. As the nano-bots have already begun their work within life forms, the changes have begun. Morgellons is one of the proof positives of this with the bodily reactions excreting in manors available and functionally appropriate to the type and concentrations of the invading  antigens. More in the future.

The base posit lacks transcendent knowledge. Science of today picks apart and refines through a method of shaving data. It must have the infinite factual realities to be Real Science. 

Layered vibratory plains exist within the same space at the same time. They do not exist on this material, gross plain. It is no different than a dream. While dreaming there is substance, it has solidity, and from that vantage point is viewed as reality. This waking state consciousness conceives no less solidity in daily life for the average person.

In the end, to make a very long presentation compressed in format, the reality is that the essence, the soul that is life, consciousness, exists with a purpose beyond this dense world.

There will never be a physical, micro or macro in stature, structure that will be able to encapsulate the essence of life. The soul as we agree upon it by a label is unknowable, it is such that it has one foot in each of two worlds; so to say.

Delusion is being shoveled upon humanity as the fiddler plays. They are farming with the actual intent of our harvest. Call it our demise by Eugenics, or what we have come to label serial killers. These are the Oligarchs, the Over Lords that have Usurped the Republic and are working toward Globalization. Sociopaths removed from interaction, isolated and inbreed, their mental capabilities demand compartmentalization as they cannot envision the overview. They are sad sick persons, in reality children afraid of death which in reality is rebirth.

We live to learn to pass consciously. We live that That Which IS, can Know of its own Existence. In that resides infinity. As such, god as a conscious being knows its existence and thus exist in its own unconceivable state of some form akin to our existence in duality.

This logically demands that god has gained reason by self awareness. In that, god now looks to its own creation and existence. This means that god has a God. It moves thus infinitely.

If infinity? And what is outside of the known universe? If it has exterior parameters, there is something on the far side of those boundaries. Yes? 

If Infinity, be it ever smaller or micro, or expansive as with the macro concept; if infinity: There Can Be No Finite! It is an impossibility for us to exist as we have come to agree upon. As the light of long dead stars still shines in our night skies, energy does not halt when the body is dropped. Life IS… We had a form prior to conception and will have, once again, some form that is conscious energy. That is the mind of god and it exists as One.




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otterwalks:  9th January 2015

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