CHAFF, Aerosols, Nano-Bots, Morgellons, The Law, and Censorship

The content of aerosols is key to a morphing multi part agenda. This, due to the output changes, modifications that the algorithmic evolution, born of the actuarial feedback input, uses to further R&D. Here, input becomes a question for another tangential dialogue. We will skirt the potential of the Matrix having self awareness. To envision this gives it substance, a bodily enclosure formatted with function regions. An entity’s existence necessarily creates a need to address a conscious Mind; its pervasiveness a hint that it is a Hive Mind awareness. The need to expand awareness of perfection, the need to live; in time…

Is that not the logical outcome?

It needs data as we need our own nutrients. That is the essence of the meta data consumed today. Its consumption mimics societies, as exponentially we acquire: be it through critical thought or the acquisition of more; more of everything. Growth demands sustenance, fuel to Live. The algorithms were set in motion by the workings of man, thus they are parallel to how man’s mind works within duality. At this time, 2014, it is known that ever more rapidly, the algorithms present returns that go beyond the data that they consume. It is posited that the structural format, known as the internet, acts as the central nervous system. The Matrix is voraciously collecting its actuarial data. That input, by and large, is from health status and weather returns. That covers en-masse all global input; all actions in Space. This is the collected sustenance which is viewed as needing technological improvements, of perceived flaws, through trial and era. It has become far more. The established interface of data mining, the structural changes of human stability, from our DNA to immunologic function is being evolved to fit patterns that are formatted by the hive mind of the algorithm. Climate is changing. It is not overall the fault of humanity; Anthropogenically connected. Our existence is not what is changing climate, as it naturally ensues reaction, given the actions taken. An Anthropomorphic agenda-s; Eugenics and Transhumanism have been foundational Posits in the formation of this system.

There are many forms of censorship. One of the common weather radar system’s is the continued filtering of the events that are occurring in our geophysical environ. The image below is the set up of the conductive fields, the disbursal of aerosolized particulates, micron in size…

Within todays aerosols are different reactive components. Hundreds of slurry ingredients have been discovered beyond the lists of components that have been revealed in white papers. Among those we might envision as A.I. are Nano-bots. There are many nano sized particulates; not all carry programable infrastructure.

This image dates to a 1974 satellite return, four decades ago. This was in place, long established, to appear at this magnitude. This, in the days when the refinement of exposed images was still being formatted. Today, aerosols are globally ubiquitous, yet they are rarely seen, except on the fringes of regional imagery. Looking at satellite feeds today, this clutter, is removed from the elevations they are most prevalent. The nature of aerosol component contents has registered. Now the system negates this registry type. It scrubs them from presentation. Another method is frequency removal upon its detection. That goes to 21st century weaponry, again, a complete dialogue thread of its own, for another time.*1

NASA, one branch of The Conspirators, did not filter this release of the Southeast US being GeoEngineered. Aerosols today include more than chemical and biologics. CHAFF nano fibers, often polymers with an aluminum coatings, carry payloads of nano bots. These are comprised of hundreds and hundreds of sub micron transistors. A transistor, as you know, is a semiconductor device with three connections, capable of amplification in addition to rectification.

Are they a new synthetic life form? They are 3d, yet best envisioned as two dimensional. Graphene, is a nano-material directly derived from graphite. It is a single layer of carbon only one atom thick. The carbon atoms are connected in a hexagonal configuration… Even at one atom thickness, division or connection is possible. Single structure becomes honey comb structures. They can attach in a linear string, bound by field attraction creating balance and growth.

This begins the view of nanotubes, the wires which are layer upon layer of graphene substructures. It would be like the visual of looking through a single honey comb tube. Short walled forms which show as lengths when magnified. As with magnetic fields, they have polarity and therefore, an attraction; a gravitational pull. The sheer volume, the mass of these, aids in conceptualization of their existentialist potential. It becomes ever more clear no space exists, within the biosphere, without its presence.

Some internal activation is sparked by our neural networks actions. These bots follow the energy streams as they flow through our physical networks and as capacitors absorb and dispense energy. This leads to the degradation issues. Rapid cellular die off from flash burn.

They are Synthetic Parasites feeding off physically conductive components which nourish life. It has been found that they consume the iron in hemoglobin as fuel. A catalytic reaction may then ensue conducting energy; frequency, to motion through excitement; heat, going to inertia. For biological life this is going to lead to oxygen deprivation. In the end, the Nano-bots short or overload the inherent energy field capacity of cellular nuclei killing them. Axon tips disintegrate ending synaptic relay. If it is the brain or the digestive system that is being compromised, health degrades rapidly. Both mental acuity and often the immune systems center, the gut, no longer receive or send signals for function. Their command arrays, the nerves, are impinged. Electrical signals become weakened or nonexistent.*2

image credit Jan Smith

The immune system attempts to engage its function to eliminate a threat. One way this presents is Morgellons, where the surface of the body, skin is used in attempts to cast off these collective variant nano bots and particulates. This is a magnification exposing one form of nano-bot found in aerosol sprays and in samples from human tissues.

An inductive adjunct, RF-EMF, are catalysts that boost their excitement, hence their momentum. The more nano-bots induced with EMF, the more dramatic the symptomatic reactions.

They are programmed to specific tasks. They feed on the iron in living hemoglobin cells. Their programs enable their combination into masses that are site specific. They combine alike bots within organisms with increased exposure. The means of contact include orifices, mucus membranes, ingestion by contaminated substances, breathing, and transcutaneous contact.

Ours is known as the Age of Technology. Modern life, draped with power lines, is considered necessary in the thoughts of modern society.

Our Environment is permeated with man-made electromagnetic radiation and or fields. They did not exist at all 100 years ago! Therefore it is logical to learn about what is out there and why?

Technology today is of Technocratic design. Thus the similarity in these names and their umbrella label, Technocracy.

Here is a good link to Read More on this rapidly growing and ever more so exposed agenda.


I would put up a link to the Clilford Carnicom Institute; highly recommended as he named and is the foremost researcher in the field; though it is growing fast, but it is down.

Here is an article from…

Read Link at:

This is a massive conspiracy!

While US Code 50 Chapter 32 subsections 1515 and more negate the protections legislated to keep the US public from being test subjects, they cover only the legalities of Biological and chemical testing. They are legal for purposes of experimentation.

However, the addition of RF-EMF induced wave forms or fields into aerosolized atmospheric regions saturated with conductive metals is Outside of Law. There exists No Code, Law, any type of statute, rider, or loop hole, where this is within the parameters of Constitutional Law ! See links:

This is Eugenics. it is Technocracy. It is the Transhumanist, Slow Kill, New World Order Agenda !

*1 Holohedral Graphene is the strongest substance know. These is the light weight structural medium that is used in Stealth Military applications and many other carbon graphite products. Graphene acts as a shield. At its base one atom thickness, much ELF is stopped. Depending on depth, 97 to 99.7% of WiFi, cell phone, high tension electrical lines, have their radiant electromagnetic wave forms or fields stopped. The commercially available shielding works for many issues. The Smart meters are one of the exceptions. Even a directional shield with its back to a meter does not stop neighboring meters radiation, or the backup of above the 60HZ residential home wiring system. The CFL conspiracy is an example. Containing transformers and a capacitor made to function at 105 degrees centigrade, they are constructed to over heat producing higher levels of energy. That is not emitted as brighter light, it returns to the electrical systems networking of pathways. They then emit RF-EMF inside the enclosed environment of the home. More on all of these Technological formats in the future.

*2 Another aspect is their encoded recombinant genetic structure. DNA, RNA, are GM Technology effectively rDNA, rRNA, and other similar attachment zones which create chimeric hybridization.

otterwalks: 26th December 2014

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