Weather Modification, Psychotronics, Eugenics; All Outside The Laws and Codes of The Land !

There are a number of Ops going forth Here and Now. There is the 21st Century Weather Weapons Tests in Washington State. There is a growing RF Pulse format being run out of Burlington, VT – KCXX NEXRAD Station. The Yucca Flat Scalar Ops and Reno Pulses – KRGX NEXRAD and surrounding sites are being scrubbed faster than they can be archived. They have come back online and continue to build in strength, duration, and frequency of online Operations. This is one Composite loop from an Op that has been ongoing for a month plus. It has been so insidious that I have held off on its presentation, gathering more data daily. The NEXRAD system and its other interfaced systems have been in this mode throughout the Southeast. Moody, Maxwell, Eglin, Columbus, Robins AFB’s, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Charleston, Tallahassee, Fort Rucker, Peachtree, Birmingham, New Orleans, in short, all of the southeast has been alight with RF, EMF, MREMF to the detriment of all!

This is Melbourne, Florida KMLB NEXRAD today the 19th December 2014.

These 21st century weapons are being used before our eyes, under many a guise. Among them; air transport safety systems, the daily weather reports as they are tailored for our consumption by complicit weather propagandists/meteorologists, Homeland Security, et al.   From any view point, it is radiation; silent and ultimately deadly; part and parcel of the Eugenics agenda.

This is a micron of the coming data dump. Here is a glimpse of Moody AFB from this morning…

These are single site events, Radar returns, within the mosaic composite from the 18th December 2014, which appears above.

Here is a short run that shows the overlapping laser spokes and beacons, modulated oscillations, multitude of frequencies and elevations in use. Again today: 19th December 2014.

No one has the where with all knowledge needed to run these systems in this manor. The reality is, they should not be using them period ! Radar, the acronym, is a school of high math, multi dimensional posits, riddled with paradox; so much an enigma, that each action/reaction theorem has its own specialists. Not unlike any general school, there are many avenues, all of which beckon a focused direction that moves away from the umbrella of the basic, enveloping common label.

There are so many unknowns that the knowns that are being built upon return actuaries, and subsequently ever expanding algorithms, morph and run newer refined tests. Humans are present only to engage the system using those computer designs. From there the results tailor linear sequenced latent qualities that may encapsulate the energy needed to induce a quantity of mass in a dipolar gravitational and electric field. If there is some form of usefulness in these operations, their covert nature which lacks transparency has it locked down; and We The People will not be privy. This exponential growth is what is used in the next operation. When Technocracy believes it has created, by design, a new theatre that fits the parameters of a saturated conductive field, the algorithm will try again and see what happens !

Here are a few more Southeast regional event loops from the 15th December 2014.

Here I will leave you until there is time to assemble the full continuing Operations. This is Moody AFB from the 15th December 2014. Remember, these are single site returns. They only show the data from the installation of origin.

When these are all firing together, the intersectional reactions go to labels that are compartmentalized. The studies include but are not limited to Radar Divisor Function, Scalar Wave Bottle Paradox, Weather Weaponry and Modification False Flag Agendas; those generally related to Extreme Weather events from massive hail, floods, tornados, arc lightening to immense storm cells, the creation and steering of hurricanes and polar vortices, fog banks, blizzard, and icing conditions;these at various elevations.
When the overview is Geophysical, global in specter, the incorporation of ozone negation, ocean acidification, tomographic repercussions, methane release, et al. present. The short truth is that nothing is in its full respect natural anymore. Technocracy may well have gone beyond a point of no return at this time. Any and All of these operations beg question and the manor in which an answer is fomented, in this case, is an affront to Life!. We may have reached there when the nuclear age psyop was dispersed upon us; that is, the World as a whole. Focused Energy Frequencies have brought a new level of M.A.D. science. It is Radiant 2.0 in its Eugenics silence!

That is a condensed viewing of  Operations that envelope the southeast with agendas not completely explainable at this time. When the reactions begin to happen while we watch these events continue it will be time to assemble the puzzle. The pieces are there and educated guesses could be inserted here. The Law of Change has taught that patience is a virtue in examining the development and outcome of these radiant operations. 

otterwalks: 19th December 2014

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