NEXRAD Pulse/Scalar Operation Over Nevada

This happens when image data begins to be scrubbed in some formats. As it is scrambled, it will not upload. Unless you have reformatted to be accepted. Yes, that took some time to learn. There have been many events that even this type of image could have shown. Apologies, I am my own teacher in this Matrix illusion.  Live!  And Learn!   Note to self… 

Today KRGX NEXRAD, Reno, Nevada ran base on an experiment which lasted over an hour. Some Radar sites start or end it earlier or later. 

Prior to this issue a number of Radar sites had not negated the RF Wedge Event and its Scalar R&D Experimentation. It was above Yucca Flat and Below Austin, Nevada for the most part. Elko, NV NEXRAD KRGX induced a laser through the KRGX Wedge of RF. This is seen in the next imagery from CONUS2


The rest are largely out of KRGX Reno, Nevada NEXRAD.

The peak is briefly imaged in its 51.51 Degree radiant. That is the Pi Paradox which is a part of the format of this R&D. Radars path, that is, electromagnetic wave forms travel this radiant most easily. As you likely know the Great Pyramid of Giza is a statement of Pi at this degree of incline.  

These are blended menu loops which show the time stamp in the upper left. You can see how the same Pulse returns at different elevations and has different frequencies within. The composite mosaic is an overlay of multiple returns giving the larger picture of the E. Pollution. The RF shows pink, which is shown in the legend as such. 

This last image is the menu item Hydrometeor. As it sounds it is supposed to register the downfall of precipitation, yet here it has registered this RF Operation in it return images.

The Yucca Flat Operations have been ongoing for weeks now and when time permits more will show the usage of multiple NEXRAD installations in this Scalar Bottle R&D.  The Mystic Tesla foresaw this laser play. It is his vision that has been co-opted, and not for the good of humanity…

For more on Scalar Waves and the Paradox Bottle see: 

And people wonder why such unworldly sightings are in these regions…

otterwalks: 10th December 2014

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