Covert Weather Ops Cloaked by Radio Emission Blackout Event-s

A short lived R2 level radio blackout on the sunlit side of Earth, Solar winds above 600 impacting, enhanced geomagnetic activity, issues with satellite relay of data do to conditions, are all potential reasons for the images below.

The core observations that are critical herein are the use of twenty first century Weather Weaponry. That was covered in the previous article pertaining to Typhoon Hagupit and Weather Modification by application of Microwave Induction over long periods of time. The registration of the earth going through heated changes from natural sources presented a prime cover for the insertion of these beacons. They are minute compared with the percentage of imaged Wave Forms seen in these loops.

As always over the days of data collection there was overlapping time stamps in downloaded loops. The comparison of a particular frame which had been up for several days would differ from newer loops. That is to say that the images over time had been stippled over, changing the image, dulling the early capture. This was true for the beginning loops over the days of these events. It was checked and doubled checked over and over. These are the effort of days of continuous focus on both the Operations surrounding the Typhoon, and the growing anomalous imagery; a true rarity. Several loops have been created with the same time stamp in the first two images so that the differences can be noted.

Key Globalist interests were at play in the West Pacific. The Eugenics agenda in which Fukushima is a pawn, is important to continue. It can always, as all other Nuclear plants, especially those using MOX fuel rods, be used in accord with the NWO 1st Commandment down the road. Timing is key.

Typhoon Hagupit, known locally as Ruby, sat over the region in stasis. The Japan Meteorological Agency, the JMA, declared Hagupit a quote – violent – typhoon. It compared with the highest classification on its scale. Ruby had 10-minute sustained winds of 130 mph with gusts to 190 mph. That ties Vongfong for the highest wind speeds of 2014 in JMA’s bulletins.

Ruby”s upper atmospheric conditions allowed for rapid outward expansion by dispersal. This gave the core a quickly descending pressure region ending in winds that tied Nuri’s.

Now we will see the Pineapple Express bring Radioactive rain and winds to the North American continent from California to Alaska. That is depending on how the next Operations are tailored. Radiation, in this agenda, continues disbursal in dilute, yet deadly format.

This is slow Depopulation as it is embedded with Plausible Deniability. it will lead to erosion of infrastructure, slow down of interstate commerce, destruction of crops, addition of toxins to scarce water supplies; in short entropy et al..

This happens to be the first link checked, so take it for what it is worth.

On Point: the K index is at issue here. Starting on the seventh December it began to climb the charts. This system uses three hour periods to average the electromagnetic fluctuations, Radio Wave Forms, that occur during that time frame. There is constant flux in the types of radiation including visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays. These electric and magnetic fields vary simultaneously, they are static in their nature. Solar energies expansive nature is far to complex to address here. Imagine the size of the origin point, its radiation type or its combinations, the Solar wind speeds that carry the Plasmic mass – CME – or RF – etc., its trajectory, known visible and unseen factors that may impede or oscillate wave form flow, add the point of impact upon Earth with its variations in its protective firmament and maybe the beginnings of the potentials are present. Now add the infinite variables that positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically found in low pressures in the upper atmosphere having been formed in extreme temperatures born of the Sun launch.This is where you have to see. This is when intuit makes your gut turn on and talk deep within. These are progenitors of primordial influences that steer the human psych imaged by Technocratic instrumentation. With that weak introduction, you are now free to experience these Global events and access the imagery. Some it would seen relate to cross referenced actuaries of a Solar origin. Some are Manmade. The discord, its chaos, all that can be seen and imagined are for your consideration.

The link above has imagery posted independent of the findings here. The frame of the CIMSS West Pacific is near one that I had used. Here is the Ruby ink for more on the other half of this article

These are sequential, time stamped loops. This begins on the seventh December 2014 at 17:00 UTC. 

These are K index charts covering the times of these images. They give corresponding data regarding the average Radio Emission intensity during the coverage of these Extremely odd anomalous Events.

This CIMSS Global Two feed shows the movement of Ex Ruby’s region as they stream across the Pacific into North America. Both Man Made Bursts of Microwave energy and Solar emissions aid in heating the Pineapple Express currents. In the center of these first two loops, to the right of Australia, a row of arcs comes from the region of New Zealand or further south.  Another Microwave signature is west of South America. It seems that at that size it must be fro off the image: the Antarctic Region by land, or as it is summer there, potentially on the continent. 

This short loop shows the middle frames from above. A massive ring appears to be centered around the annotated circle. It seems to hit eastern South America, Africa, and the rest is left to the imagination.

These North Atlantic loops reveal Manmade Microwave Signatures, again the arcs, that track southward out of the bounds of the imaging quadrant.

These are from the West Pacific feeds with Japan at eleven o’clock. The heated currents, both atmospheric and oceanic, carry Radioactive detritus from Japans crippled Fukushima reactor debacle.

The arcs that appear throughout the loops are Weather Weapon Signatures. At times they will aline in graduated sizes. They can then be used to triangulate their point of origin. In these times, that is often from a mobile X-Band Radome system which satellite imagery gives the Lat and Lon. as open ocean. Microwaves Heat! They are often tuned to the same frequencies as Radar Ranges or todays Microwave Ovens, as well as cell phones and more… EMF is an Extremely Malus Format. It is the silent killer. It is Small Pox Blanket gifts from The Death Dealers that fund Technocratic Eradication.

otterwalks: 11th December 2014


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