Working Typhoon Hagupit Technocracy Verses Our G2 Dwarf

So what does that title mean? Typhoon Ruby as it has been termed, is Technocracy taking advantage of conditions to further the Eugenics agenda. Since 30th November, the official Hurricane, Cyclone, Typhoon season has ended. There have been microwave pulses at times between numerous solar electromagnetic events. They are showing up in a manor in which one would think the system was on the fritz. However, the Global Engineers create the weather, and therefore it is no challenge to forecast it.

Today is the 8th December 2014. Following is some of the storms path. There are recorded bursts of energy that work the storm between what was doubtless interference created by Solar events.

The Typhoon was paused in its traverse which would have taken it on the Northerly Warm ocean currents. Today it was down graded to a Tropical Depression. This, you will see, is a post pulse event which negates the top half of the Typhoons tornadic spin. It is a complete spiral one hour and the next the top half has dissipated.

Here follows the daily passage of events that this Weather Modifications trail has shown.

A Microwave Pulse has been imaged on the CIMSS feed. It is up today 6th December 14:00 UTC. It shows a Pulse out of the Northwest of the Storm crossing its upper region. This is an area that the storm might follow due to the warm currents. The Induced Microwave pulse has clearly slowed the wind speed of the storm, and has kept it moving on a westerly path.

The U.N. Global Disaster Alert System said almost 32 million people, one third of the country’s population, were likely to be affected in some way by cyclone/typhoon force winds when the storm arrives in central parts of the island nation Saturday afternoon or evening the 29th or 30th November.

Japan has again evaded the onslaught of a new disaster.

Hagupit, is Filipino for smash or lash, though locally it is know as Ruby. It is now the 6th December 2014. Here we have a Super Typhoon which CIMSS Microwave loops have just begun hourly updates that show an external influence. There is a Pulse coming out of the Northwest going parallel to its path, likely it is creating a blockage which will prevent its passage toward Japan. This has been the forecast for days. It is only now that any anomalous microwave energy has been seen to register. This is the latest from the 6th UTC.


Here is a history in images of the storm. This is the 2nd.

Here is the 4th December 2014.

Here is the 5th. It was noted when a solar event appeared on the microwave loop for the west Pacific. That is another story.

This is the wind paths of late on the 4th into the 5th.

Japan’s Weather Model from the 6th.

When you make The Weather it is not hard to project the outcome, whatever the Extreme Event may present; it IS a given!

“Ruby” has weakened into a tropical depression and is now heading towards Lubang island. It is now the 8th December and here are satellite loops.

Early on the 8th, with Ruby over the Philippines, an energy weapon is seen cutting across the storm on the left of this loop. There is also the very distinct signature of a microwave pulse from the south; it is the brown arc. In other imagery there is a line of arcs leading toward the point of origin which we may never know. There are numerous gaps in the global coverage of this type.

This is the next the next 10 hours in a loop. Above the storm, and in the West Pacific, energy is induced. Much of the earth is registering impacting Solar activity.

Below, Ruby suddenly becomes a crescent like cup shape as it is announced to have weakened. The currents which were the engine feeding her have destabilized. Streams both atmospheric and oceanic are flowing toward the North American Continent. They once again bring Japan’s toxic sputum which continues to express from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors. They have Bioaccumulated constantly from the first day and continue to this day! 

Much data has been left out with regard to the Solar Impacts. The division of these two stories may make more sense. With regard to Weather Modification, the presentation of Operations after their completion gives more of an overview.

The Solar fluxes have registered in a manor beyond the X-class impacts form the not distant past. They are being formatted. As soon as they are in order they will have their own show.

For your consideration… otterwalks: 9th December 2014


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