4th December ’14 Sunspot 2222 M6.1 Flare Impacts Earth’s Sunward Facing side, is Caught by Microwave imagery

The data sets time and location synchronicity.  The event shows in imagery which is made up of one frame per hour. In checking SolarHam and other Solar activity resources, the data presented by them alines. Thus, it seems to confirm, the capture of a Natural impact of Solar origin over a broad swath of earth. This is a still from the 4th at 18:00  UTC.  The Radio Blackout is registered with its peak impact at 18:22  UTC on the 4th. Here is a Link:


The loops had to be short to fit the parameters of the system. They are sequential. First is the CIMSS Global 1 feed part one and two.

Next is the CIMSS feed for the North Atlantic, parts one and two.

These are images and charts from SolarHam.

Earth is at the three o’clock position in the short loop below.If you click through to the SolarHam link you can view a multi day loop that shows the sweep of the plasmic field.

Awaiting more data on an anomalous Microwave event that is showing below Australia. It appears to begin out of the Tasmanian Island region. With other orchestrated pulses from different installations still unknown. Then, it is so massive that it may be do to some other event or Tech issues?


Infrasound stations monitor local atmospheric pressure changes caused by infrasonic waves and detect very low-frequency sound waves in the atmosphere.
Infrasound station IS05 is located about 100 km northeast of Hobart, the island’s capital, at a military training area in the village of Buckland, on Tasmania’s east coast. The CTBTO in conjunction with the Australian Geological Survey Organization, now called Geoscience Australia, conducted the site survey in November 1999. There has been further development over time and a number of S and X-Band Radome covered systems and other arrays exist on Hobart,Tasmania, Macquarie Island, and other southern Australian governed locales.
For your consideration.
otterwalks: 6th December 2014


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