Antarctic Ozone Depletion Agenda _GeoEngineering and Electromagnetics_The Evidence_A Beginning

This is what the chemical reaction looks like as it occurs. This is Ozone Negation by design! The CO2 atmospheric propaganda, as well, the contrail disinfo, are diversions that are no different than the False Flag micro and macro dissemination agendas used in political theatre. This continues and the silent majority sees only picture post cards of Mother of Pearl Clouds. They fall deeply below that beautific visual. They are todays mythos of Noah’s floods; waters dissolution of life on earth. In this case, it is the Death Cults Operational looseing of the Fire of Synthetic Plasmic Energy weakening the Fermament. In so doing UV Radiation is massivly on the rise in its A, B, and deadly UV C forms. Spreading form the polar regions toward the equatorial belt there is growing evidence of flash die off in the plant kingdom. As well, humans, our loved ones, are beset with radiation born illness. Cancers, thyroid issues, and the eyes are particularly sensitive to UV radiation. Flash Burn is terminology used regarding UV B and C eye exposure. This as well ties to GeoEngineering Aerosols, partcularly the SRM and SAG project’s Glare effect. This is an outgrowth of the reflective field of conductive metals, raining down for decades now; Globally.
image McMurdo Station

Southern Polar Ice coverage 24th November 2014

Antarctic Ozone Hole build up 2014.

Southern Ozone Hole illustration.

PSC_Polar Stratospheric Clouds_A.K.A._Nacreous Clouds; the image of Ozone Depletion in action! This due to stratospheric Aerosolized spraying with the induction of RF from McMurdo Station’s Radome: with a goodly chance that other Nations are rebounding RF through the same region. The autumn climate brings the conditions needed to optimize this destruction.
This is RF exciting the Molecules at the onset of the process when the conductive field has been maximized.  This is sine wave configuration in visualization. The second image down shows a tree. Clearly, it is not from McMurdo Station on Antarctica. It is from Tromso, Norway near their EISCAT ionospheric heater array.  

There is an agenda, an ongoing Operation by Technocrates funded by Globalists, the negation of Ozone is migrating toward the equatorial belt. Imagery is easily found documenting this event. These are prior links to more data on this agenda.  Links here:

This is under the guise of the NSF’s Penguin, Sea Mammal, and ice core research front. Raytheon, Nasa, NOAA, US Navy, DARPA, and more have their hands in this agenda. The end all is to allow UV Radiation through which will negate life as we know it. It is the NWO Eugenics Plan in Operation. They are all subservient to their NWO, Globalist Masters.
McMurdo Radome with PSC above. Followed by other documentation from McMurdo Stations’ personnel.

National Science Foundation Building

McMurdo Station Images

Air force Aircraft among the many types that frequent the station

Interestingly, despite treaties, they constructed a Nuclear Reactor for the installations power needs.  Upon discovery it was decommissioned as No reactors were to exist on the Continent.  They dumped it in the Ocean there! This is a shot of the generator systems in use today.

That is the start of many articles building a more complete overview of the agenda’s massive nature from its history, to the Ops that end in Ozone Depletion which increases UV Radiation. The nature of Ionospheric heaters will be explored with McMurdo’s south pole connection to US HAARP and other systems used in over the horizon R&D and their Geophysical implications.   Until then… 

otterwalks: 26th November 2014

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  4. simply simone says:

    This information and the photos are extremely distressing. The world population need to see and understand what is happening to their planet by a sinister cabal of destroyers. The science behind this agenda could be used for wonderful things perhaps instead of the horrific slow death of the planet we are watching.

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