HAARP Event Continues_Center Little Rock, KLZK NEXRAD Arkansas

Now, fourteen hours into the EMF attack upon Arkansas. Five AM local time, 22nd November 2014. Evaluation of the imagery over this span shows saturated atmospheric cloud formations moving through the RF infused region. Here are a few of the returns. More will be added. They are here and soon to be displayed. These are a small portion, of the last ten hours, of expanded and near constant radiants in play.

Six Hours dropped from loop. This is what you will see if you are watching as we head into hour number 14! Looks to be taking a break, or completed actions tailored to Weather Modification and EMF Weaponry.

For now just the facts, albeit a small portion thereof. More as other returns continue their evolution showing the pattern. Most is a given. The imagery will expose the agenda as it comes forth.

otterwalks:   Now, 22nd November 2014


About otterwalks:

Iroquois; Mohawk: Member Longhouse Medicine Society. Tasked by elders to aid the Awakening. Healer, working to negate the ill effects of the pernicious Technocratic attack upon life. Detoxification, balanced living, and critical thought are today's preeminent necessities. Card Carrying Member Native American Church. Have never used a cell phone. I am looking for MacBooks that are unused. i will pay shipping, need not your HD, and rebuild. I do not use Facebook, Twitter, et al. . Archiving IRI Events, Aerosols, Weather Modification, GeoEngineering Operations, all, for future evidentiary presentation. That goes to the Crimes Against Humanity now being perpetrated Globally! We are being Exterminated! It is called Eugenics...! o... Survive All... Awareness is Preparedness... o... Look Up!
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