Snippet EMF Weather Outlook for North America

East and West cells work as engines migrating toward a Polar blending; setting up the system for the next Arctic Vortices. KCXX NEXRAD -Vermont Pulses RF creating blockade, preventing Eastward movement of cell, dumping more snow in Buffalo!
The Southeast NEXRAD installations along the Gulf fire up pushing the Dip Northward, returning Ferguson to milder weather. The implications of that Op are clear.
A stream of warm air meanders northward along the Eastern seaboard; splitting its position, leading the trend easterly ahead of the outgoing cell, and curling northwest to mass as the next front is lead downward toward the Gulf again.
Satellite imagery; then Buffalo Blockade from KCXX NEXRAD, VT follows.

Satellite loop of the receding Vortex dip, followed by Southeast RF Ops out of New Orleans KLIX, and Moody AFB KVAX, Georgia.

Bisecting interaction of Beacons as Waves, Pulses, Wheels, et al. morph straight linear RF Bursts into curved presentation; an action of molecules excited and moving toward a path with little resistance. This goes to the math of The Great Pyramid, the Golden Section, Pi; with all of the complexities those formats in their encapsulated view entail. In a long format they attempt to explain the simplicity of the path of least resistance. This is the fluid static free pathway, energy takes in all material forms, seen and unseen in duality.

Last are KVAX Moody AFB, Georgia as a single site return from NEXLAB imagery.

As well, it is noteworthy that Nevada and Utah continue Scalar Bottle Operations over Austin, Nevada, heading south into Yucca Flat’s Testing Grounds.  Areas 1 through 4, 6, 9, and 12. This is Area 1 where, between 1951 and 1992, 739 Nuclear tests where preformed.

The recent Scalar Experiments will be covered in another article dedicated to this continued R&D. Tesla posits deserve their own focus beyond a snippet report.
otterwalks: 21st November 2014

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