HAARP Event_Little Rock, Arkansas_Weather Modification Takes on an Immediacy

NEXRAD returns centered out of Little Rock, Arkansas image off the chart RF_EMF; Pulsed Electromagnetics. This looks to be designed to heat the southern region of the Polar Vortices, pushing it northward. An allowance may be made for several potentials. First the evident. It is Not an anomalous return when it is across the board, as these images show. The opposing thoughts go to the lacking traditional Ring. Many past HAARP rings have within them a central region that is of the nature seen here. It may be that new filters have negated the imagery of ring events. It has been awhile since one has been seen. This could be NEXGEN Radar upgrades being seen. It does cover almost all of the State. HAARP as we think of it covers many States when it impacts. As happens with this type of R&D, the feeds began to negate the peak time returns. This Burst could have originated from any of the countless Nation States that now have devices that are in the Ionospheric Heater Family. It could be bounced off the ionosphere many times, negating the origin unless it is tracked from array to array as it moves toward its end trajectory. All of that aside, the Geophysical Weather Modification that has been implemented with the onset of winter, seems to contain the logical potential for this RF Pulse Event; Weather Modification!
The take down of The Republic, Civil Unrest and response to it, Depopulation, and more are all at play, Here and Now!

This Pulse is Radiant saturated. The Black is off the chart TH, RF as a Synthetic Plasmic, Electromagnetic Heating Burst. The Vortex is being driven Northward with an urgency. Ferguson must have warmer weather! The agenda must be able to ensue. Without civilians present, the catalyst of the incident will be wasted. The Brown Shirt, DHS, NWO, agenda is Martial Law and it has been set in motion. It now needs the maximum public turn out to abuse The People and bring in the FEMA, NDAA, UN, Eugenics plan.

This Event shows returns on the Hydrometeor imagery; it is not a type of Vertical or Horizontal particulates.

That is about 1/2 of the data archived. It should be more than enough to be evidentiary with regard to the implementation of RF Attack as it exists in the Technocratic Age. We are being radiated continually! The resultant effect bombards us by and through the usage of technology. Microwave_Radar Ranges, Cell phones, and purposefully tuned frequency that Radar systems have at hand are frying us! They are all the same radiants. That is to say, they Radiate! It is the same family of Tech as Nuclear Radiation in its unknown, invisible, Weaponization Format! It is the same as the components of the Aerosol campaigns. It is The Slow Kill Eugenics Methodology!
otterwalks:   21st November 2014


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