Ex-Nuri Transforms_Polar Vortex_The Geophysical Operation_Part 2_Why

This will be long, addressing some aspects of the why. With the noteworthy aspect of its’ radioactive composition. Next will follow by proof of  how this Polar Vortex has come to pass. That, in part two covering the continued unfolding Extreme Weather, that at the hand of man; albeit, by existent sociopathic voids, bent on MAD_Mutually Assured Destruction_of Life as we know it. Some of many aspects incorporated in this Death Cult agenda will be noted. Many exist in shadow remaining cloaked until witnessed and reported. Change has been in action and likely there are more tactics that will be utilized if opportunity arises. If not for the laziness of the Technocracy and their unending curiosity, Typhoon Nuri would have proceeded unabated and the repercussions finalized the depopulation timetable. Here we have an Extreme Weather event, with the archived data, showing its existence and continued passage of its Force. The plausibility is a given. The dots connect. Passage and forecast already present, showing Weather Modification on a Global scale in action. Nuri’s attenuation allowed inertial force transference. Its’ traverse within and above warm waters to the Northern basin via the Kuroshio Current Gyres from the Sea of Japan was intentional. Beacons corraled Ex_Nuri’s inherent force keeping the tragectory needed to assend and desend having gleaned untapped existing polar  The implications will become reality in the near future. Mark these words. It may well be that the most significant feature of this Op is the transference of Radiation from its creation engine; Fukushima. Here it is a given that the Pacific theatre is heavily aerosolized with further toxic particulates. Nuri looked bad for Japan and in that, its’ ramifications would be Global in scope. Japan has been uppity of late. Negotiating to go outside the dollar and asking for US Military Bases to be closed. That is just what I know is true. It is, It is not an opinion. Check the radiation networks for precipitation and airborne spikes as this event progresses. I know I will. The research that has gone into what is exposed here incorporates numerous agendas with redundant intertwined stratagem. There is little doubt Technopogenic investiture is at its core. Collective negative outcome is ordained. Currently the Polar Vortex is the news so again the disinformation, omissions, lack of transparency direct the diversionary propaganda. Since Nuri’s birth, tracking its’ path, seeing the pattern echoing R&D Ops replayed, the broad scope of current events was destined to unfold. No one is telling you that it was the point from the beginning! No one mentions the NEXGEN duel phase induction as it occurs in time_space. The Meteorologists are complicit by omission. The Physicists and Engineers that TPTB use are complicit. Their science minions, globally interfaced corporate military pawns, and propaganda networks are too. The result, more potentialities. R&D use creates actuarial fodder. This input feeds the Matrix Hive Mind and its’ algorithms refine awaiting recurrent conditions for the next experiment. Eugenic methodology attacks while nations sleep. This is a culling event in slow motion. If chart topping Fujita Scale Damage presents, we will likely see FEMA put out the Closed for Bad Weather Sign; Again! That or worse! Another winter of descending Polar Vortices, Extreme Weather Events upon areas usually immune to such temperature drops, atrophies or kills crops, raises power consumption, disrupts infrastructure creating degradation of momentum, Interstate commerce stalls. Depopulation by another format is put in motion. As well, one should consider economics; atrophy of job growth, inflation, distraction, dependence, a generic Entropy arises. Next is the covert Corporate Military Complex with its Technocracy blended with anthropomorphic propaganda. Thus the label Technopogenic; they are creating the destruction, secondarily it is distraction. That is the tip of two facets of a major Extreme Weather Wave. It evolves with the traverse of Terra Firma. Add this to the prior imagery. In Truth I did not know that Typhoon Nuri existed until I saw the motion in the Western Pacific with the electromagnet induction ahead of its path and continuing while sweeping through, kept Nuri from conditions rife for its landfall in Japan. Checking the regions weather was the thought. The headlines were pervasive: Super Typhoon Nuri! Link to prior article: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/microwave-pulse-negates-catagory-five-typhoon-nuri-on-path-to-japan/ Here is the continued usage by design of compressed and then directed force. When interceder beacons pulsed, triangulation showed the origin of an Air Force Station with a PAVE PAWS system that, as you will see, is not on the map of five systems online in existence. Actually, when searching the coordinates, a western region in the Aleutian Island chain came to light. Then it became apparent that there were installations interfaced on a Global scale. This is folly. Not only is it easy to find PAVE PAWS on the western tip of the Aleutian Islands, There are units in the UK that feed the US intel network. Further research finds Raytheon’s admission of construction of fifty of these Phased Array X-Band systems , with an additional six afterward. That does not cover the MILCON upgrades that previously named Shemya Air Force Station, now Eareckson AFB and other locations have received largely by Fast Track. Here is an image and location site link worth seeing. It has pages of installation images. Link: http://virtualglobetrotting.com/category/buildings/radar-sites/ As format prevents full disclosure using anything short of a book or series, it will be foreshortened. The language, symbols, math, words, et al. will not be incorporated. Instead, imagery will tell a story. That tale is how Nuri a category five typhoon was created, its path halted, direction changed, and force depleted. Next is its movement within walled parameters northeastward. This is the uplift of a low pressure cell to the pole where a gateway opens for its dissension into the US. Here is where the many Electromagnetic Operations are omitted. They entail Mobile land and ocean X-Band, ground installations, satellites, Pacific and Canadian Phased Arrays, NEXRAD and NEXGEN here in what remains of The Republic. In committing to expand the data flow by curtailing words the insertion of images should expand conceptualization of the breadth of these covert Ops. Huh, Ex-Nuri, right over the western Aleutian Island chain; coinsidence? This means that the storm has become the most powerful storm to ever move over the Bering Sea in recorded history in terms of central pressure. Previous to this storm, the old record stood at 925 millibars (27.32 inches of Hg) from a powerful storm that moved over the Bering Sea on Oct. 25, 1977. To put this in perspective, the lowest pressure recorded in Hurricane Sandy was 940 millibars_27.76 inches of Hg. Next Quote: This storm will not only have impacts on Alaska, eastern Russia and the Bering Sea, but also the contiguous United States. According to Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, _In brief, when a typhoon curves away from Asia it causes the jet stream [steering winds] farther to the east across the Pacific and into North America to buckle and amplify days later._This is the case for the remnants of Super Typhoon Nuri as it has already curved away from Asia and is tracking northward toward Alaska. As a result, arctic air is expected to invade a large part of the United States during the new week. End AccuWeather Quotes. Ocean Surface Current Analyses – Realtime That was the cover story on the twelvth November. The Truth is far more disconcerting and is addressed in part one regarding the How of this agenda. Military Weather Weaponization is reality. Yes, it falls under the front of defense, but is in use offensively as an integrated system comprised of both stationary arrays and mobile units. There is nowhere on earth, above or below that is free of EMF, RF, Microwave_X-Band passage, with repercussions relative to the energy input and delegated frequency in use.  END PART TWO_covering WHY behind the chosen locations used in formation, transition, and morphed extent, now cited as the Polar Vortex.

otterwalks:  13th November 2014   Survive-All


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