Ex-Nuri Transforms_Polar Vortex_The Geophysical Operation_Part 1_The How

This Extreme Weather Operation underway dubbed the Polar Vortex is in fact an abhorrent Sociopathic Globalist agenda born of Technocratic Collectivism, ending in Eugenics. In part, the why of it and the disinformation which is being propagated is data comprised of illustrations and words; inherent lies of omission. There is an intellegencia that knows full well the dynamics of modulated, phased, oscillated, pulsed, and other electromagnetic Technopogenic systems.

Their toxic radiant usage goes unspoken. This is a massive conspiratorial coverup.

Futurist covert R&D continues toward False flag and other Fascist itinerary. The propagandists spin less than half truths. One might see the incorporation of the metaphor stated_speaks with a forked tongue.

Here is one such Link: http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2014/11/13/all-50-states-will-see-freezing-temperatures/

Doubtless, there are many why aspects that have not been addressed. One does bear note, that is corporate profits. ENVON first offered weather futures or derivatives on the futures market. Knowing that crop management meant Billions in profits.  At the time a failed crop would often bring in more profit by insurance, Food or the lack thereof, is a Weapon. This fits neatly into the corporate military agenda.

From its birth Typhoon Nuri has been attenuated, redirected, down graded and relabeled Ex-Nuri. Upon its transverse northeastward, Arctic cold imbued the collective force. Again it transformed. Again it was relabeled.

Some of the full spectral potentialities have been touched upon in part one. Here again using imagery, the how of this Global Weather Modification Operation will be brought forth. A tall order, which contains labels unknown to most. They will be kept to a minimum. As this is encyclopedic in its scope, the mainstay of the story of events need be shaved down to make it presentable. NEXGEN Microwave_X-Band radar was one of the major tools in the totality of the Operation.

    Simultaneously, North American NEXRAD and TDWR_Doppler worked as the PAVE PAWS_X-Band systems set up and put Nuri in motion. There is also the potential use of older S-Band or Sbx systems on mobile ocean going platforms. These are images showing  X_Band and prior Sbx Platform systems.

There is an inherent necessity bound to the explanation of the workings of RF, EMF, Microwave_X-Band, and other Radiation Beacon systems. It is hoped that this introduction will ease comprehension of the complexities adding insight to the images.

Phased array antenna aiming, or beam steering, is done rapidly by electronically controlling the timing, or phase, of the incoming and outgoing signals. The phased array radar incorporates energy to the antenna in precise, controlled patterns. The PAVE PAWS radar changes the point of focus in milliseconds. A phased array antenna, as any other directional antenna, will receive signals from space only in the direction in which the beam is aimed. The coverage from a single antenna face is 120 degrees. This across the horizon system with its supporting the antenna arrays is triangular. The two faces with arrays that each cover 120 degrees monitor 240 degrees of azimuth. The RF signals transmitted from each array form one narrow main beam with a width of 2.2 degrees. Electromagnetic pulses consist of frequencies which vary, innumerably, with operational needs. The higher the power input the more distant the beacon. Over fifty percent of the pulsed energy is within the central beam. Energy fades moving outside that concentration in what is called sidelobes. Sidelobes beginning at three degrees above the horizontal stratum intersect the ground. At least that is what is presented in todays public forum.

Shemya AFS and Clear AFS have been, it would appear, part and parcel of this Op. Here are open source images of both. Both continue physical and in actuarial expansion.The refinement is unending.

                           This is Clear AFS, Alaska; PAVE PAWS works with other Radar systems conjoined.

This is PAVE PAWS as it is usually seen. Radomes are ever more in usage.

With new data, a return to this or the next Operation will ensue. Here is the situation, via satellite, as of the 14th November ’14.

END PART ONE, covering  How this Geophysical Operation. 

otterwalks: 15th November 2014


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