Southeast RF Presents Massive NEXRAD Burst and Scalar Laser Play in Continued Operations:

This has been in Operation since the end of October. The Operation has at its core a large RF Pulse emanating out of KMOB NEXRAD, Mobile Alabama. This is largely an RF ring which presents from approximately 2 o’clock around to 10 o’clock. The point seems to be the induction of an excited synthetic plasmic field. This massive field then is overlaid with multiple Laser Beacons out of surrounding NEXRAD installations. A Scalar Operation was and is being run.
The crossing of Lasers, as posited by Tesla, create an event in space which is a paradox. First one should think of the basic label given the intersectional point in space; an Energy Bottle. It has other names. The point here is, an interceder is formed which is absent of all matter. Herein lies the paradox. In plain speak, it is recognized that the Nothing has to be Something, thus it has paradoxical nature. Indeed it is beyond Nature as we know it.
Here, from Wikipedia is a quote. I must add a disclaimer; I neither trust Wiki data, nor approve of  its’ frequent links to Einstein. Quote: In theoretical physics, scalar field theory can refer to a classical or quantum theory of scalar fields. A field which is invariant under any Lorentz transformation is called a “scalar”, in contrast to a vector or tensor field. The quanta of the quantized scalar field are spin-zero particles, and as such are bosons._end quote.
It is a given that Einstein was not what has been put in history. He was a poster boy for the emergence of the Atomic Age. He was fed his data from G2_OSS_et al. sources. His Quantum Theorem work was reworked from Walter Russell’s Patented Tables, his electromagnetics from patented Tesla Mysticism. How is it then that He was such the genius? His wife is seen to have aided him in development of his early work. Why has she received no acknowledgement? Why would she be needed? The answer is that he was a plagiarist. His intellect fabricated, played out using his true genius; that of a consummate conman. In a time when patents needed to be renewed every 10 years, many became open source, as new developments were ongoing the old was forgotten; neglected. Purchase was the name of the Oil Barrens game. The Money Powers bought, and or stole previously extrapolated wisdom. This was the fodder used by him and others that compromised many disinformationist agents with their own agendas. As of this date, most all of the work that was given as Einstein’s has been proven incorrect. This, largely due to his spin of the original work, which when rewritten, lost the integrity of the original posits as patented. Time’s passage will doubtless expose many frauds and their claimed creators.
Sorry, as you likely know, I have an aversion to anything A.E.! Too boot, he, having been the tool mouthpiece he was, is doubtless responsible for more Deaths then any and all recorded leaders in history together.
On point: This is Technocracy delving into multiverse unknowns to see what happens! This is MAD science, undeserving title, as it resides so far from Real Science. Electromagnetics being emitted in our environment is Sociopathic! History has shown that multidimensional traverse can, and likely will, have extreme reactionary repercussions.
After two days in which this Op was run, directly below the convergence in the Gulf Oil Fields there was a 4.5 Earthquake off the Western Florida Panhandle.

Link from 30th October 2014:

I expect this will occur again if this is continued and all sources point to just that.
Here are images from yesterday 4th November 2014. They are a potent reminder of the insane usage of power. That Power is first spun from Big Oil. Then it is infused into the NEXRAD systems. Then it is turned loose in investigation of multiple returns. All are aimed at zero point power or free power. This is an avenue that the Globalist Technocracy does not want for our use. It is being studied and integrated into the NWO Eugenics War Machine.
In yesterday’s returns, New Orleans and Eglin AFB, to the west and east respectively, are seen as the interceders sending the catalysts into the palette created out of Mobile.
Here the archives begin with Mobile, AL and move to mosaics, of the same time stamp, out of the accompanying installations involved in this. 

After the Op you see classic tendril marks of HAARP and other Frequency Events. As well there is the formation of Sine_Wave seen in the aftermath. In the end as has been related to The Scalar Square event, there is Weather Modification which is over the Gulf, below the event horizon. That is a bit of a stretch, but it sounds neat.

Above shows KMOB on the precipitation return, it is RF not rain.

This is KLIX NEXRAD, New Orleans.

Last image is from KEVX Eglin AFB, FL. It is a secondary Laser component of the Scalar Operation concurrently run within KMOB’s Burst.


Each of the preceding days have approximately 50 images of similar nature. I hope to continue going backward one day at a time. New events may hinder that effort. We shall see.
otterwalks: 5th November 2014


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