Renewed Weather Modification Agenda Presents Repeat of Montana Operations:

This is not the first spoke Laser, albeit partial in circumference, that has gone online this season. We have just experienced the end all of its’ prior usage. Soon, as trends that work tend to be reused, we will see more pronounced bursts. They will be refined to adjust for variations in the onset of the changing season with dropping temperatures, migration of the jet stream, and both manmade and natural changes in the atmospheric oceans. Likely, as last year, we will see North and South Dakota in chorus or as fundamental feeds. When the low pressure stream is activated the lineal pathway will continue south with Sioux Falls, South Dakota NEXRAD and depending on circumstances and agenda, installations along the front range of the Rockies will light up. Concurrently, there will be activity around the Gulf. This is Weather Modification to block rains in the Texas Panhandle, and continue the War on Food Production that is generally termed The California Drought. Secondly, moving Southward through the Central Tier States. The dance changes steps as the freeze descends and moves eastward. As seen here today, yesterday’s Ops have begun to move up the East Coast to the Mid_Atlantic Region. In the images below you will see the Montana Operation, first in Western Montana. Next you will see KCAE_NEXRAD_Columbia, South Carolina, and KLWX_NEXRAD above, out of Sterling, VA. Both present with the same imagery type. They are spoked wheels of Lasers and Pulsed Beacons. They are fired in a systematic generally clockwise rotation. Here the imagery will be worth the thousands of words. First is imagery from CONUS2 and the last are from College of DuPage, NEXLAB. The first of those is of Sterling, VA and the second is made from two Menu Products that show the same time stamp loop consisting of three of the KTFX_Malmstrom AFB Burst. The Harbinger!

There, that is the one that as a funnel spout aids in compression of the Arctic Wave. The moisture denied West of the Rockies is moved Northward as in the massive front in the first two gifs. It is warm, from a large region being impregnated with Aerosols and Fracking wastes; to note two sources. Electromagnetic instrumentation surrounds the Gulf. The R&D continues and the victims are largely unaware. The imagery is proof. In watching it and following the changes in regional weather patterns you will note the correlation of induced RF and the end results.

Next, backing up and working through the 29th October through the 2nd November. The 2014 Arctic Polar Vortex pathway. How it was done on the map of the US. It is a far larger area that is being coaxed, changing, formatting, enabling Weather Modification as a Weapon!

otterwalks: 4th November 2014

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