Snippet Weather_EM_Report For Southeast_3rd Nov 2014:

The jet stream, having been worked, has brought cold into the deep south. Aerosols are on visible satellite and you can see the reaction from induced electromagnetic energy. This as it has progressed southward.  As far as the US goes, the repeat of last years Covert NEXRAD Ops began to show in Montana. This was the harbinger of the Arctic wave to come. Another Op, to yet be addressed, worked Gulf atmospheric moisture around nuclei particulates from aerosols and nature; though that is an event that is ever more controlled. The first image, from last night, is already far along in the process.

Here is the morning of the 3rd November 2014. The blues are in the snow legend.

The weather report from Moody AFB by NWS.

Satellite imagery of the Southeast, followed by an enlarged section image. The peppered region is the static result of prior electromagnetic induction.

This is currently operational and in large part the essence of this report. The pink region is dropping temperatures, blue is usually snow; as we see in Maine.

In the Florida Panhandle, KEVX_NEXRAD_Eglin AFB, is working in tandem with Southern Georgia’s KVAD_NEXRAD Moody AFB. Both of these are among the usual suspects when it comes to the larger national weather modification Ops.

More from other imagery sites. First Eglin AFB and then Moody AFB.

Now three from Valdosta, Flordia_Moody AFB_NEXRAD.

These images show the how and why a specific direction of various Beacons, Wheels, Pulsed Laser Play physically influence space. This includes substrates, if so tuned; action leads to reaction.

In the overview one must see the global application of these systems to find the how a Polar Vortex can be created by Micro_Wave and other EMF induction. The Gulf is surrounded by installations that do not register in US imagery. So too, Canada plays a roll in the creation of These Extreme Weather Events.
The precursors need to be addressed to see the slip stream doors opening in the North Central Zone. One need watch Hemispheric Satellite feeds to see the Vortices form, head toward the poll and then, having a path of low pressure, a troth absent of friction, the Vortex begins its drop. It is quite literally waved downward using sequenced point actions. That is to say having saturated atmospheric fields with conductive aerosols, electromagnetics are induced in advance. This opens the gateway for the fabrication of the events in specific locations.
otterwalks: 3rd November 2014


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