NE Tulsa TDWR Radar Working Storm Cell Formation

Weather bulletin for OK, KA, and MO, on 1st October 2014. From this mornings forecast to the current events, the influence of electromagnets from Tulsa, OK TDWR Radar spinning is clearly visible. This mornings forecast chart and the potential Extreme Weather Events. They can tell you about it because they are creating the weather. Weather Modification at work; just for, well, everyone.

Here is the newest bulletin.

Sine wave formation is visible in the second loop of the second set. They are indicative of induced static energies. They excite the particulates in the atmosphere and then rapid motion ensues. That becomes a gathering agent pulling scattered matter into zones of low pressure. It is a low pressure slip stream path to migrate to, when being pinged by surrounding molecules; a circling of the drain effect. Having their electrons striped they look to bond with similarly conditioned particles as they compress. there is action and reaction. Downward pull creates inertia and air moves as the nuclei push it aside; motion quickens. The end all is the creation of a region of an aerosolized field. Its formation with the addition of Radar formats are the agenda.  At least in this example. The imagery tell the tale.
otterwalks: 1st October 2014


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