RF Pulse LaCrosse_WI KARX_NEXRAD Burst Radiates Region

LaCrosse, WI was hit with a Radio Frequency Pulse around eleven AM, which appears to have lasted for one half hour. This voice keeps harping about these radiant events because they are carcinogenic!

This system functions using frequency radiation and it is ubiquitous! No one is free of this. It is invisible to our senses and that does not preclude the reality of its existence. Nor, the impact upon our Health. Look around. Radiation is omnipresent. The baseline is that ALL TECH Radiates.  The Power that runs it Radiates!  The Legends tell the tale. The pink, white, and blue rings of the Echo Tops are chart toppers.  Included is its ir satellite image, it shows the region in clear air and storm cell free. Also included is the 3d format, showing the latest return time, after the half hour.

Same Time Stamp, and to the left of Lake Michigan the skies are clear, at least by todays standards.

This continued format is seen through the cycles of the seasons. Moody AFB, Eglin AFB, and other southeast events increase. At the same time the northern Central Tier begins working, steering currents, to bring on winter. The west coast has its key players continuing the drought. Operations will steadily move northward. Soon we will see activity online in North Dakota and Montana with the central plains NEXRAD systems continueing their respective daily exciting of atmospheric particulates; to the algorithms appetite. In chorus with the particulate field density created by sprayed aerosols, the agenda will be of the same play book as we have seen. There will be changes. They will mostly be censorship of data. Imagery will come and go ever faster as the new filters speed will soon be linked through the entire interfaced NEXRAD system. It will have a complete hive mind. It will be surreptitious. There will be Extreme Weather Events. All the while, silent and unseen toxins will be entering us!
The basic fomentation of an article on pervading Wave_Forms is almost finished. An important introduction to the History of Electromagnetics will be presented with its abstracts included in some small foundational introduction.
Tech is a current issue. If I disappear, you know that this device has gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds. As with energy and consciousness, all that IS continues, al bet influenced by Change, yet Infinite; thusly a paradox.

otterwalks: Survive_All… 26th September 2014


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