KJGX_Robbins AFB_GA NEXRAD Radio Frequency Pulse

Robins AFB_KJGX_NEXRAD_Jefferson, GA has had cycled RF Bursts at two and one half hour intervals through this evening, 24th September 2014. The first images show that the pulse is indeed off the chart. There is no data in white on the legend, it is UnKnown. Each Radar network has its own color coding therefore the proof is upfront.

Yes, Lubbock, Texas chimed in with a wedge of beacons. Next is the Hydrometeor Classification from NEXLAB. It should loop through two bursts. It also clearly shows the Pi radiant, 51.51 degrees used in the great pyramid. This is the path of least resistance energy seeks. It is seen in Radar imagery often as it essentially presents the least friction or resistance to the emissions; particularly when going Operational with an agenda.  The NIUGA_Georgia_gif should be showing three separate events. 

This is a still of the Echo Tops format from the next burst and some other Echo Tops images.

These are of secondary pulses in Composite Reflectivity and The Vertical Integrated Liquid formats. Clearly, the electromagnets are the only presence.

That is less than one half of the various images so expect a potential part two as more data comes. 

otterwalks: 24th September 2014


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