At 3:45 Central time a HAARP ring event registered center out of KFSX_Flagstaff, AZ NEXRAD.

This is the Echo Tops view from 70,000′ above the center of the site with the highest inner rings showing.

This is one return of the event in Specific Differential Phase.

This is NIU Radar showing the Plasma as it is captured and slips through the regulators, only to be disappeared as soon as the alarms sound.

Given the continued upgrades to the NEXGEN Interfaced system, it becomes ever more rare to capture a HAARP event. Inside sources speak of four to six HAARP impacts daily in the US. Rings are seldom seen. The new Radar return filter software has an actuarial data system that negates both elevations and frequencies. The imagery that is turned out has the UK_unknown, and positive and negative RF frequencies muted. Radio Frequency omitted from the compression mosaic which is the published image. When HAARP and its sister systems impact earth they are not the return of signals sent out and rebounding back with data. The HAARP Plasmic field overpowers the ground Radar and supplants its image which is far more powerful. The actuaries generally run on their own outbound and inbound return, collecting data to feed into the ever changing algorithms. Where once rings were imaged, with central bursts, such as imaged here within the ring, now by and large only the most potent aspect is seen. While looking at these there are clues regarding the pulse. The censorship methodology is growing in it’s formats and its speed.
The Haarp pulse in AZ is the type of registry seen most frequently. It has a ring or diameter that is at times present, imaged in TH which comes up essentially black.
After the first 3:20 and 3:25 returns you will see the changes as data is dropped. 

Note, there is a three hour deletion of images from 17:10 to 20:20 UTC.   Censorship or overload? You know my leanings. 

The Differential Reflectivity_DR, and The Correlation Coefficient_CC,in general use show the vertical and horizontal breadth of atmospheric particulates. This is reflected in the legend which tells the presence and type of nuclei, as well as density I.e._snow, rain, hail, so on. HAARP corrupts the NEXRAD system and by sheer might imprints its own image. Albeit there is less and less of these being pasted along based in transparency. These are after all, our radar systems that are having data negated through a Technocratic labyrinth.

The end all is based on the Eugenics agenda; the depopulation of Earth. It is propaganda set forth as a magic trick. Look at this action and the truth goes unseen. The agenda is the negation of the protective ozone layer. By its constant toxic attack it is weakening and allowing UV_A_B_and C to pass and radiate the biosphere.
McMurdo Station in Antarctica is the location of the rebound Radome that pulses the incoming torrent off to the location that the algorithms pick. It may be that it is sent down the line of systems until the optimum trajectory is located. HAARP then, having target acquisition, is sent toward ground where its electromagnet cone passes through everything and depending upon the geologic stratus, deep into the earth.
More on the Noah Fire Agenda in the future. They truly aim to end us all!

otterwalks: 23rd September 2014

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