Hurricane Sending Rain_Surf to San Diego_5th September AM:

That was the local headline from around 7:30 AM Local out of San Diego.

Weather modifiers have changed that in a continued electromagnetic push, Hurricane Norbert has moved south and is dissipating westerly into the Pacific, leaving California and surrounds bound in their continued drought. Here is the story in images from the 5th September into the 6th. It is now 5:15 AM Eastern and doubtless the changes continue while this is composed. First is satellite enhanced imagery from 7:30 AM local on the 5th. The rest have time stamps and you will see the progression of dispersal and the reasons why.

Here satellite imagery shows the lack of cloud cover in the region.

Here are four Santa Anna NEXRAD images. All of The College of DuPage images are RF_Pulses or off the chart, long running RF_Wedges. The pink in KSOX Santa Anna has been constant for 35 hours that I have witnessed. To the north at KYTV Los Angels NEXRAD the RF_Wedge is blocking atmospheric moisture to the north. It all comes down to the interfaced algorithms working the potentials. The end is as mentioned before is the negation of precipitation.

All along the southwest from the Pacific down around the Mexican border, NEXRAD lasers are working in concert. KNKX San Diego, then KYUX Yuma, AZ. Tucson and El Paso will have to wait as uploads are running low. I will try in the next update.

Now back north to KYTV Los Angels with its continued heating to dissipate and an RF_Pulse in the Hydrometer as well. The Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm (HCA) has ten units of standard NEXRAD measure. Both of these are powered beyond the norm. The white wedge has its own legend as we see in all RF_Pulse  events. 

Norbert on the 5th and then on the 6th showing the move away from land fall.

Last is CONUS2 showing the heavy EMF across the nation, and some of the activity in the southwest.


These last three loops should be running; Tech issues? I will return and see if they are working.

otterwalks: 6th September 2014 

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