HAARP Ring Center Registry La Crosse, Wisconsin 25th August 2014:

HAARP Ring Registers center out of KARX -La Crosse, WI NEXRAD.
Hours have been dropped from the public feeds.  There will be some interesting revelations from the imagery.

On 25th August 2014 a HAARP Ring Registers center out of KARX -La Crosse, WI NEXRAD.
Given all prior imagery is blank, the potential exists that this event continued during the absent time spans,dropped from the Radar feeds. There is NO EMF activity; not even the residual static that the stations present? Upon examination it is noted that between 3.5 and 4 hours have been scrubbed,
Interesting that the legend does not change to reflect the HAARP return. Also white is off the chart, yet when NEXRAD induces an RF/Pulse you will note the change is reflected in the changed legend.

If you read Radar Site Function information there is a disclaimer for each site. They are double speak and half truths. You are told of how back ground clutter is routinely removed. Flocks of birds, those nasty airplanes. Of course with little digging you will find that long ago a program was designed to erase, or not register aerosol trails. This could be the negation of altitudes that are reactionary. This system, the Radar, is owned by The People, and we permit its operation by our Service Persons, Imagery of the returns has taken another step in its forecasting meme with growing incidents of fraudulent display of Weather Events. Then there is bias in what is or is not reported; drought for one should be a priority. This is the USA, more or less, and necessity has always been the Mother of Invention

I digress; On Point: The continued Weather reporting theatrics, coupled with disbursal of less data, continues an agenda, Theta in nature, truth is cloaked and regurgitation ensues. The weather, historically, has been the ice breaker; Hi, nice day!. How about this weather?

As awareness creeps in, does Societal Acceptance ensue? Is it the move toward disgust at the abuses or denial with its blissful ignorance.

This is a short loop from NEXLAB College of DuPage. With Echo Tops the return of the fired beacon system or independent of the NEXRAD, and inbound synthetic plasma registers as the Radar return. The center is the location of the RaDome and you are looking down at concentric rings expanding to a columnar cylinder by earth impact. The RF Powers of HAARP decimate NEXRAD and TDWR Doppler power levels, passing through their data mining as though no directive frequency was present. Conservatively, inbound from array formats is 15 to 18 times more power. Thus it is ground penetrating as well as surface impacting.

Following the HAARP registry, a NEXRAD RF/Pulse occurred.

Here is enhanced imagery of the event which does not show the event, but it is not the image format used. It went tilt and put out data that was not the standard fare.

R&D, ripe with technocratic elitism, with systems imbedded using algorithmic posits command the orchestration of frequency excitement, the power of action and reaction controlling future weather events. This is one note regarding the Ecologic Terrorism Fraud propaganda assaulting the globe today. All just a dramedy. It is well prepared, deeply entrenched, separated, in sub-departments of departments. Functional de-compartmentalization is blocked by the layers of redundant feed back loops, a thought labyrinth.

Last is visual Satellite data; The first is the 18:45 UTC time stamp, next, one half hour later, enhanced and showing the Storm cells in the lower right, and last is a loop with the event and clues from Aerosols to post event cloud formations.

Hopefully this will answer some of the questions that arise when the natural frequency is corrupted and you can feel something is off and things are just not right. Hind site is 20 X 20. Feel free to let me know if you experienced this EMF attack. 

otterwalks:   25th August 2014



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