Ferguson, MO RF/Pulses -Extreme Weather -False Flag Op and Psychotronics:

Just watching the EMF covert agenda over numerous feeds was enough to know Extreme Weather was upon Ferguson, MO again. This is a working False Flag, no different than Operation Popeye in the sixties in Vietnam. What was the agenda? Slow and stop the advance of the opposition. One major difference is the advancements that fall within the Label bubble; Technocracy! Just look at the imagery. It is undeniable! Conus2 feeds were fine through the day. As evening closed in and the manmade storm hit, once again the censorship kicked in. Many events are in play this night of the 20th and 21st August 2014. First, at 3 AM Eastern, I did check,and quickly found this image of Ferguson. Unfortunately the web was not allowing any input! Across the board if you went somewhere to publish or even check email, no commands would work! So it is late news not storm breaking news; it is a heads up on the False Flag Op which is ongoing at this time. The lightening is being credited with a smaller turn out and cooler heads. That may be true. It may also be more as you will see.

Here are some loops that speak to the issue. Note Solar activity is at a low, that is not what is negating the feeds nightly at this time.

These are Northern Illinois University’s Missouri Radar feeds.

Here is the Extreme Weather as it aims for Ferguson from the College of DuPage Radar feeds.

These are three RF/Pulse images that hit Ferguson, registering with time stamps in UTC, they are around 7 PM local time. They carry with them multiple agenda formats. In these you can see the incoming atmospheric moisture as it is pulsed with EMF. That is another label that carries with it Psychotronics. Looking at the legend on the right you will see various black,grays, and white, Each is the presence of a particular Hz or dBZ. The Earth and our minds are one in harmony, existing near a 7.8 Hz Frequency. Exposure to 4 Hz and above at 10 Hz have been key in the technocratic attack using synthetic wave-forms to alter the balance of the Human minds balance.

This is a loop that is a view plumb down from 69,000′. That is within the the stratosphere. The stratosphere, extends from the tropopause to a height of about 154,000 feet, 31 miles or 48 km. The temperatures in the stratosphere remains isothermal up to 100,000 feet. There it begins to warm with altitude. Temperatures reach a maximum of 7°C (45°F) at the top of the layer. The stratosphere contains most of the ozone of our atmosphere. This is key in that it is concentrated between 65,000 and 100,000 feet. The PSC, Nacreous Clouds, now being labeled Mother of Pearl Clouds, occur in the stratosphere. There is an association between the Ozone concentration, its negation, and PSC. It is where the negation of Ozone, which protects us from UV Radiation, is covertly being cultivated! Doubtless you have heard from GeoEngineering that Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying is in progress. The altitude that is most sighted is the 70,000′ disbursal region. The Agenda is clear! A scorch earth policy to end most of humanity! Here is the Echo Top view downward from 69,000 ft.; as listed by Radar feed systems.

There you have the Ferguson, MO Weather Weapon False Flag data. One can hope that the calm will continue due to societal and political changes. The preparation for other outcomes and different locations is visible in the feeds and the censorship of them.

otterwalks: 21st August 2014


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