Ferguson Weather Modification Round Two:

Weather tactics are clearly in use in attempts to curb actions in Ferguson.

Here is a quote from RT: Despite heavy rainfall and lightning, hundreds lined up the streets ahead of the curfew introduced earlier by Governor Jay Nixon who has declared a state of emergency, as authorities try to restore order after a week of mainly peaceful protests marred by occasional rioting and looting.

You can clearly see the use of NEXRAD and TDWR Systems inducing storm cells and aiming them at the St. Louis area. Here are some of the many proofs. Kansas NIU Radar feeds show multiple EMF formats in use to the west of the region.

NIUSP -Southern Plains feeds show multiple input in development of the foul weather Operation.

Conus2 began its censorship with this type of Radar feed blocking the linear visual flow of weather progression.

This is the storm cells heading east/north east after the Weather Modification had been brought to bear.

Here is a short loop from The College of DuPage Radar showing the movement of severe weather through Ferguson.

This is an RF/Pulse working the same weather event. Please remember that these are in different Time Stamps. UTC is Five hours ahead of the on site time in Missouri, making it 8:15 PM local on the 18th August 2014.

The legend shows the color, it seems to me, through the 10 dBZ range. Those familiar with the use of pulsed electromagnetics know this is a mind fog frequency. It has a long history of residual presence in persons subjected to it. That is another aspect of its use in Weather Weaponization. All aspects of Extreme Weather creation, steering, target local, and links to other slow kill agenda formats, are part and parcel of these Co-opted interfaced systems use.

otterwalks:   19th August 2014


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