They Stood in the Rain For a Grande Dame Culte Fest:

The big news is Obama played 72 holes in his first days on Martha’s Vineyard. You will not hear how no one was allowed to greet the Faux executive upon arrival at MV Airport. Nor, how his golf sessions are unannounced and people are being searched and sent on their way when it is obama golf time. Now, after those first few fair weather days, that being what passes for clear skies these days, a massive aerosol Op ensued. The intensity such that the sky turned leaden in, what was likely, the shortest time witnessed. As people started presenting respiratory issues, head aches, nausea, coughing; you know the outcome. The whole ball of wax spectral reaction to these Ops, having likely had issues yourselves.
Next day enter stage right, Hillary shows up for a Vineyard book signing. The weather has naturally turned and it was no surprise that an RF/P registered out of KBOX -Boston NEXRAD. The legend shows a broad range of dBZ. The uninformed and misinformed seekers looked to approach political theatre in action. The toxic, synthetic rain, and Radio Frequency Burst, really was not needed as the sad preexisting mind fog was clearly present. They gushed over the obama handler, Benghazi Conspirator, CFR, Bilderberg Group Member, wanted for War Crimes in Egypt, and for perjury, in my and others view, the fake Bin Laden situation room, the Qaddafi Quotes, but hey; What Does it Matter?

After the executive retort about Hillary’s statements regarding the botched handling of Syria, it seems there was a need to do more than say it was horse$#!t.

Here is the online Vineyard Times Newspaper Link:

This image is up on The Drudge Report 2014, the Purple Banner says

This was the mentality as imaged by the local press.

Good grief!  That Is all that can be said when this type of worship and praise is lavished upon a person that so clearly should have a book titled HARD TIME, NOT Hard Choices! 

 A polar bear was protesting outside the signing.

Image by Island photographer.

otterwalks:   15th August 2014


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