UPDATE: Broad Range Shield Combined With Dipolar WiFi -EM -RF -Ground System:

Update: The radio Frequency Emission issue surrounding the CFL Bulb Conspiracy has driven R&D to ground WiFi, cellphone, generic 60 Hz household electrical system discharge,and radiant emission attack.


There are many types of Mother Boards used by the different CFL manufactures. Here, for now we will forgo the potential covert applications these systems can be adapted to for specific use.

Here you can see the 105 Degree C rating the CFL capacitors have.

Regarding the newest design, the dipolar system incorporates a shield of holohedral carbon structure which grounds the maximum ten percent of most all common wave-forms which build within the shield to neutral. The one exception being proximity Smart Meter emissions. There are extreme measures which can be taken to shield an in home space to escape these fields. There are also DIY inexpensive solutions.

The New, Grounding to Neutral Systems, are available with a choice of skin contact systems which go to ground. Humans act as WiFi, EM, and RF capacitors. EMF builds from many sources, most out of your control. Negation of these issues go to discharge through a functional, proper ground installation.

Persons with proximal EM pollution sensitivity will benefit greatly from the new revisions. E. Pollution should be a grave concern to the critical thinker. It is the new level of silent attack, largely installed and in use. Continuing to build a corrupt physical and psychological balance. This is Technocratic Eugenics through the unseen slow kill agenda; not unlike the nuclear agenda that is of great concern for all. It is indeed the next level of radiant contamination, and it is ever present, and growing in strength.

Soon, a viable solution will be available to negate many of the ill effects that come from constant  electromagnetic field exposure. Other shielding and directional WiFi boosters will also be available. If you boost your WiFi band width, it is highly recommended that you have the dipolar grounding system to negate your own WiFi exposure, as well as most all other RF/EM sources that present in your environment, mostly unknown to all.

Again, no component in these systems is from Corporate manufactured  ill goods. They are made from all natural materials only. The ultimate Michael Faraday system is the end goal. This will negate the collection of RF within the human conductor. We have a capacitor issue which resides in the ungrounded human existence.

More data as developments continue.   Be well.  Apologies; Obama is coming to Martha’s Vineyard Saturday the 10th.  Crew will not be on-Island during that time, so I have no method of showing images of these systems at this time. 

Discharge, and wake, from the spectral array of EM that is continuing to amass within your core body systems.

Oh, side note; the tin foil hat crew were on the right path. The issues are the need for complete bodily coverage of separated conductive and shielding materials and the need to discharge to ground. That being ground to subterranean water table. Testing can be done rating effectiveness of existing ground systems. Results using the codes for ground in your area may vary. Example the uniform building codes for Texas and much of the west is a ten foot depth. That may or may not be sufficient. Soils moistened from rain will work better than parched lands. Subterranean water table is going to give the best results. Some mechanical designs have shown positive results as ground mechanisms with adaptations.  

Another trick is to remove any and all CFL lights. At least keep them functioning at the 105 degree C that the capacitors are rated for. That means only short usage, 5 to 15 minutes. They heat up well beyond the tolerance levels after and run at 130 degrees C. At this temperature they emit RF/EM Fields. Household electrical systems are constructed on a 60 HZ capacity rating. The RF emissions produced with continuous use radiates UVC from the CFL bulbs. UVC is the most carcinogenic form of UV radiation to life forms. Soon the electrical system, being the path of least resistance, begins to absorb the excess energy created, in its search for ground. That is its nature. Here is a quote regarding this issue.

For the electronics hidden within the base of a CFL bulb to function, and for the circulating mercury vapor in the bulb’s glass container to be excited to start the sequence of chemical reactions to produce fluorescent light, incoming 60Hz house current must be digitally raised to 20,000Hz to 100,000Hz inside the CFL bulb. These high frequency voltages are not only emitted directly from the bulb, but also back out through the wall wiring connected to the bulb. With measurements of their elevated emissions consistently registering well above safety levels. Documented and corroborated by multiple international studies, including those recorded by Swedish TCO- electromagnetic radiation probes— measurements used to protect Swedish workers— and considered to be the most sensitive and accurate electromagnetic radiation measurements in the world. Which have recorded emission levels from a wide variety of CFLs to be from 7 to 40 times above allowed Swedish TCO safety levels, for one bulb. With IIKEA brand CFLs registering the highest emissions. 

Read More Link: There are many, most are disinfo formats! Beware the Energy saving, No Mercury Vapor Issue, Money Saving Shills!


otterwalks:  9th August 2014   


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